Monday, December 4, 2017

Left's PC Police will not call Rhetoric or Actions of the GOP as Hate Crimes.

Left's PC Police will not call Rhetoric or Actions of the GOP as Hate Crimes.

The right dug up a dozen year old blog entry of Liberal MSNBC token favorite Joy Reid for call Gov. Crist as "Miss Charlie" as homophobic which it is and was. Luckily it was written down and not on video tape. Joy has done her Mea Culpa but Jesus the things I have said on my blogs - thank Providence that I am not somebody famous on in the cross hairs of the Putin / Koch Bros. / Wall Street slave masters of the planet. 

Honestly, who but paid trolls and Russian robots have time to dig into Joy's literary past?

Now this PIG Grassley is making fun of the poor using code words and not specific enough hatred language against the poor - enough to be quoted on FOX NEWS but not stoned by the People in a real, not virtual, public forum.


Saturday, December 2, 2017

Trump/Putin Wall w/Mexico a Diversion to Cover Rosneft / Putin / KGB Money Invasion via Canada and the Opus Dei Russian Ratline

This all sounds so insane but if Trump is accusing the other party of child abuse in Pixxa Parlors he is telling his own story in plain site and continuing to do the biddings of the invading Warlord Putin. 

And considering that he tells the mob that Mexico is the enemy and spends billions on a cinder block wall to destroy more landscape and endangered wildlife in Texas and Mexico, the enemy must be 180 degrees off view on the invading stage. 

Putin is KGB. He is thick. They are thick. But they are long term and plodding on day after day following the Protocols of Oligarchs to conquer and subvert any system or group that can oppose them.

The Opus Dei priest that baptized me in Philadelphia that founded his secret Opus Dei Shrine in the late parish of Saint Joan of Arc came to this country as a radical "Episcopalian" priest by way of Wisconsin. Of course there was no Opus Dei before the Spanish Civil War. 

But Monsignor Hawks, Welsh born and a British Subject, carried on espionage at behest of the Vatican in Spain under that Brit passport during the Civil War and always had a premier spot afterwards on the religious dais and in the heart of Cardinal Dougherty (Pre-CIA) actor for U.S. Foreign Policy, post Spanish-America War and as head as RC Bishop of a great deal of territory in the Philippines.  

That America is and has been casually invaded via Canada for decades now not from some "raghead" Arabs but from cash messengers via the Koch Brothers KGB Russia Ratline into Wisconsin and Minnesota all while the American government slept, sleeps, through phony culture wars etc. in Congress.

"What is in the fracked water of Wisconsin, fracked under the Koch Brother's dime? To produce Scot Walker, Reince Preibus, Paul Ryan and Pedophile Bonus check signing bishop Timothy M. Dolan of Milwaukee? What sort of strange under the moon naked satan rituals do they perform in the forests there as they drink baby's blood out of a cup? You are not far off about dancing with the devil or skating on very thin ice with that strange lot." (2012)

That St, Joan of Arc church as a secret Opus Dei shrine and rectory as safe house had to  be pointed out by me in my blogs to an inept archbishop Chaput who was rubber stamping the destruction of inner city parishes by "Blue Ribbon" (Banker/RE Broker) church committees evaluating the need for such parishes etc. That that church is still open on a lifeline for one Spanish mass a week in memory not of the Welsh founder of the parish but the Spanish founder of Opus Dei for whose organization is now channeling funds into the U.S. from Russia for the destruction of said U.S.A.


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Does Putin and his Petro Dollars $$$ Now Control Opus Dei

Or are similar evil monsters, their aims and elves and trolls in present convenient alliance?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Why did Jesus cross the road? To get to his tax-free side of the road - to ignore unworthy poor and minorities.

(Judge Roy Moore said) "Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the (state of Alabama of the depravity of the GOP). 
                                                                 ~~ Matthew 19:14


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hillary Rodham Clinton - America's Jeanne d'Arc - #JoanOfArc

Monday, November 13, 2017

Cardinal Law's Life Experience Needed in Alabama


Thursday, November 9, 2017

My Comment on HBO's The Deuce - Rejected by Rolling Stone

Too long?

My age demographic opinion not needed? (God knows they know everything about me out there in computer land.)

My POV does not agree with the author's limited vision of reality ?

Overall, there is as artificial "cinema grit" to this show which seems more "real" than the norm in film. By no means a reality show. Most movies make NYC look better than it is in reality. This series does not do this. The sets and landscape seems real and grimy enough for 70's New York as I remember it as a younger man. The only thing missing is the smell of the streets. That and constantly looking over your shoulder to avoid getting mugged anywhere in NYC, not just 42nd Street west of Times Square.
More so than a human slice of life, this show teaches history as a business model where porn and the paradigm of the times, morals, technology, mob financing and urban R/E all come together into a unique American dynamism.
On the human level I don't see what I feel is the exploitation of female sex workers. I can see that those trapped in this world are affected by it. It is depressing and is it hard to identify with any characters let alone want to see a second season with these regular characters becoming soap characters not in The Deuce II but The Deuce Deux?
I know that splitting James Franco into twins is strictly a "James Franco". It adds little to the story line or depth to the stage experience.
Eileen's guilt visit to her brother Patrick recalls an America that still had public mental hospitals full of confused and undirected lives before those poor bastards and their institutions got outsourced out of the public budget, got dumped onto the streets into homelessness and or welfare and medicated by the new rising Pharma godhead.
I did not know that they used electric shock on homosexuality. I thought it only used on depression. But I guess if you are Gay and alienated from society you needed electric shock because you "are depressed" among a dozen other unknown things to the witch doctors and shamans of modern mid 20th century medicine and psychology. This scene was touching and real - sad - insightful and real. Gyllenthaal carries the scene and shares it beautifully with actor Dennis Flanagan.
I know I am prejudice to only see the reality of this drama experience through a middle class American white experience in seeing Gyllenthaal and Franco's parts as the main portal to the show.
The first season is great work of modern art that will be more admired in time. A second season I will skip. I am more than satisfied with the "first season's" overall writing, directing and performing in this diamond in the rough.


I have never written an opinion for Rolling Stone before. I can only presume that "pending" is metaphoric "fuck off" - reject - don't bother us kind of thing. Virtual publisher reject letter 21st century style?

I did not think there was enough stuffing in this very thin mattress of cable TV cinematic fluff worth writing long enough a commentary essay like I did on Amazon with that incredibly disappointing HBO thingy "The Young Pope". So I commented on the season "finale" episode.

Perhaps I should have used a handle like Anonymous2435 to make a comment and have it displayed for further comments. That my reputation for commenting on the HBO soapmatic garbage have obviously preceded me.



Thursday, November 2, 2017

All Saints - All Souls - Celtic New Year 158 A.D. (After Darwin)

I never quite got it from the five minute Gospel Sunday soundbites from the Catholicism of my youth.

If you wanted to understand Sacred Tradition, you could only hope for the correct religious dogmatic gossip of the nuns in grade school. Of course these days where do a lot of young Catholics get that Tradition gossip with so few women wanting to give up life in order to join Jesus' Harem.

All Saints Day, Novermber 1, was a holy day of obligation to attend mass and pass the cash into the collection basket.

In olden times, before the bisexual Emperor-God "Saint" General Constantine, November 1 was the traditional Celtic New Year. But who needs a Celtic New Year if Caesar and Rome's genocide of all things Celtic makes the point moot?

There is that nun's gossip about All Saint's Day and or the Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico on November 1 and 2.  November 2 is All Soul's Day. Nun's gossip is that November 1 is for all the saints that have gone to their eternal reward with official kudos and November 2 is for all the rest of us slugs who only manage by the thinnest margin are worthy of Jesus' salvation.

In Mexico, using ancient pre-Christian tradition, November 1 is the Day of the Dead for all infants, and children and innocents that die young, never get contaminated with that puberty/sex stuff that confuses the hell out of the eunich mentality of the priests that run the Pagan church of Rome.

Day of the dead is for all the dead, both young and innocent, and the old and not yet forgotten.

In Mexico on the day of the Dead (All Souls Day in Catholic-ese) the family cleans the ancestors grave site and the family brings food for the dead and the living also take part in a picnic like atmosphere of remembrance of the dead - not ancestor worship?

It was on this date 40 years ago I believe I encountered the spirit of my father six months after his death etc. in the house where he died. Another story.

And it as Celtic New Year is according to my secular reckoning and new age "Tradition" the year 158 A.D. (After Darwin).

Happy Celtic New Year!


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation - Martin Luther's 95

Disputation of Doctor Martin Luther on the power and efficacy of Indulgences

October 31, 1517

Out of love for the truth and the desire to bring it to light, the following propositions will be discussed at Wittenberg, under the presidency of the Reverend Father Martin Luther, Master of Arts and of Sacred Theology, and duly appointed Lecturer on these subjects at that place. He requests that those who are unable to be present and debate orally with us, may do so by letter.

In the Name our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

1. Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, when He said "Repent", willed that the whole life of believers should be repentance.
2. This word cannot be understood to mean the sacrament of penance, that is, confession and satisfaction, which is administered by the priests.
3. Yet it does not mean inward repentance only; for there is no inward repentance that does not produce outwardly various mortifications of the flesh.
4. The penalty [of sin], therefore, continues so long as hatred of self continues; for this is the true inward repentance, and continues until our entrance into the kingdom of heaven.
5. The pope has neither the will nor the power to remit any penalties other than those which he has imposed either by his own authority or by that of canon law.
6. The pope cannot remit any guilt, except by declaring that it has been remitted by God and by assenting to God's remission; though, to be sure, he may grant remission in cases reserved to his judgment. If his right to grant remission in such cases were despised, the guilt would remain entirely unforgiven.
7. God remits guilt to no one whom He does not, at the same time, humble in all things and bring into subjection to His representative, the priest.
8. The penitential canons apply only to the living, and, according to them, none applies to the dead.
9. Therefore the Holy Spirit acting in the person of the pope manifests grace to us, because in his [the pope’s] decrees he always excludes the dead and cases of hardship.
10. Ignorant and wicked are the actions of those priests who impose canonical penances on the dead in purgatory.
11. This changing of the canonical penalty to the penalty of purgatory is quite evidently one of the tares that were sown while the bishops slept.
12. In former times the canonical penalties were imposed not after, but before absolution, as tests of true contrition.
13. The dying are freed by death from all penalties; they are already dead to canonical rules, and have a right to be released from them.
14. The imperfect piety and love of the dying brings with it, of necessity, great fear; and the smaller the love, the greater is the fear.
15. This fear and horror is sufficient in itself alone (to say nothing of other things) to constitute the penalty of purgatory, since it is very near to the horror of despair.
16. There seems to be the same difference between hell, purgatory, and heaven as there are between despair, almost-despair, and the assurance of safety.
17. The horror of souls in purgatory should grow less and love ought to increase.
18. It seems unproven, either by reason or Scripture, that they are outside the state of merit, that is to say, of increasing love.
19. Again, it seems unproven that they, or at least that all of them, are certain or assured of their own salvation, though we may be quite certain of it.
20. Therefore by "full remission of all penalties" the pope means not actually "of all," but only of those imposed by himself.
21. Therefore those preachers of indulgences who say that by the pope's indulgences a man is freed from every penalty and saved are in error;
22. Indeed he cannot pass on to souls in purgatory any penalty which canon law declares should be paid in this life.
23. If it is at all possible to grant to anyone the remission of all penalties whatsoever, it is certain that this remission could be granted only to the most perfect, that is, to very few.
24. Therefore it must be the case that the greater part of the people are deceived by that indiscriminate and highsounding promise of release from penalty.
25. The power which the pope has, in general, over purgatory, is just like the power which any bishop or curate has, in particular, within his own diocese or parish.
26. The pope does well when he grants remission to souls [in purgatory], not by the power of the keys (which he does not possess), but by way of intercession.
27. There is no divine authority for preaching that so soon as the penny jingles into the money-box, the soul flies out [of purgatory].
28. It is certain that when the penny jingles into the money-box, gain and avarice can be increased, but the result of the intercession of the Church is in the power of God alone.
29. Who knows whether all the souls in purgatory wish to be bought out of it, as in the legend of Sts. Severinus and Paschal.*
[*This legend tells of two saints who were willing to remain in torment in purgatory to suffer for others.]
30. No one is sure that his own contrition is sincere; much less that he has attained full remission.
31. The man who sincerely buys indulgences is as rare as the man that is truly penitent; that is, such men are most rare.
32. They will be condemned eternally, together with their teachers, who believe themselves sure of their salvation because they have letters of pardon.
33. Men must be on their guard against those who say that the pope's pardons are that inestimable gift of God by which man is reconciled to Him;
34. For these "graces of pardon" concern only the penalties of sacramental satisfaction, and these are appointed by man.
35. It is not according to Christian doctrine to preach and teach that contrition is not necessary for those who intend to buy souls out of purgatory or to buy confessional licenses.
36. Every truly repentant Christian has a right to full remission of penalty and guilt, even without letters of pardon.
37. Every true Christian, whether living or dead, has part in all the blessings of Christ and the Church; and this is granted him by God, even without letters of pardon.
38. Nevertheless, the remission and participation [in the blessings of the Church] which are granted by the pope are in no way to be despised, for as I have said, they are the declaration of divine remission.
39. It is most difficult, even for the very best theologians, to commend to the people the abundance of pardons while at the same time encouraging true contrition.
40. True contrition seeks and loves penalties, but generous pardons only relax penalties and cause them to be hated, or at least, furnish an occasion [for hating them].
41. Papal pardons should be preached with caution, lest people falsely think they are preferable to other good works of love.
42. Christians should be taught that the pope does not intend the purchase of pardons to be compared in any way to works of mercy.
43. Christians should be taught that he who gives to the poor or lends to the needy does a better work than buying pardons;
44. Because love grows by works of love, and a man becomes a better man; but by pardons he does not grow better, only escapes penalty.
45. Christians should be taught that he who sees a person in need, and passes him by, and then purchases pardons, purchases not the indulgences of the pope, but the indignation of God.
46. Christians should be taught that unless they have more than they need, they are bound to keep what is necessary for their own families, and should by no means squander it on pardons.
47. Christians are to be taught that the buying of pardons is a voluntary matter, and not a legal requirement.
48. Christians should be taught that in granting pardons the pope needs and desires their devout prayer for him more than the money they bring.
49. Christians are to be taught that the pope's pardons are useful only if they do not put their trust in them; but altogether harmful, if they lose their fear of God because of them.
50. Christians should be taught that if the pope knew the exactions of the pardon-preachers, he would rather that St. Peter's church be reduced to ashes than be built up with the skin, flesh and bones of his sheep.
51. Christians should be taught that it would be the pope's wish, as it is his duty, to give of his own money, even though the church of St. Peter might have to be sold, to many of those from whom certain hawkers of pardons cajole money.
52. The assurance of salvation by letters of pardon is useless, even though the commissary, or indeed even though the pope himself, were to stake his soul upon it.
53. They are enemies of Christ and of the pope, who forbid the Word of God to be preached at all in some Churches, in order that pardons may be preached in others.
54. Injury is done the word of God when, in the same sermon, an equal or a longer time is spent on pardons than on this word.
55. It must be the intention of the pope that if pardons, which are a very small thing, are celebrated with one bell, with single processions and ceremonies, then the Gospel, which is the very greatest thing, should be preached with a hundred bells, a hundred processions, a hundred ceremonies.
56. The "treasures of the Church," out of which the pope grants indulgences, are not sufficiently spoken of or known among the people of Christ.
57. That they are not temporal treasures is certainly evident, for many of the vendors do not grant such treasures freely, but only collect them.
58. Nor are they the merits of Christ and the Saints, for even without the pope, these always work grace for the inner man, and the cross, death, and hell for the outward man.
59. St. Lawrence said that the treasures of the Church were the Church's poor, but he used the term in accordance with the custom of his own time.
60. Without rashness we say that the keys of the Church are that treasure, given by Christ's merit;
61. For it is clear that the power of the pope is of itself sufficient for the remission of penalties and of reserved cases,
62. The true treasure of the Church is the Most Holy Gospel of the glory and the grace of God.
63. But this treasure is naturally most odious, for it makes the first to be last.
64. On the other hand, the treasure of indulgences is naturally most acceptable, for it makes the last to be first.
65. Therefore the treasures of the Gospel are nets with which they formerly desired to fish for men of wealth.
66. Now, the treasures of the indulgences are nets with which they fish for the wealth of men.
67. The indulgences which the preachers cry as the "greatest graces" are in fact truly such only when they promote financial gain.
68. Yet they are in truth the very smallest graces compared with the grace of God and the piety of the Cross.
69. Bishops and curates are bound to receive the commissaries of papal pardons, with all reverence.
70. But they are under greater obligation to watch closely and listen carefully lest these men preach their own imaginings instead of the commission of the pope.
71. He who speaks against the validity of apostolic pardons, let him be anathema and accursed!
72. But he who guards against the lust and license of the pardon-preachers, let him be blessed!
73. The pope justly thunders against those who, by any means, contrive the injury of the traffic in pardons.
74. But much more does he intend to thunder against those who use the pretext of pardons to contrive the injury of holy love and truth.
75. It is folly to think that the papal pardons are so powerful that they could absolve a man even if he had committed an impossible sin and violated the Mother of God.
76. We say, on the contrary, that the papal pardons are not able to remove the very least of venial sins, so far as its guilt is concerned.
77. It is said that even St. Peter, if he were now Pope, could not bestow greater graces; this is blasphemy against St. Peter and against the pope.
78. We say, on the contrary, that even the present pope, and any pope at all, has greater graces at his disposal; specifically, the Gospel, powers, gifts of healing, etc., as it is written in 1 Corinthians 12.
79. To say that the cross emblazoned with the papal arms, which is set up [by the preachers of indulgences], is of equal worth with the Cross of Christ, is blasphemy.
80. The bishops, curates and theologians who permit such assertions to be spread among the people will be held accountable for it.
81. This unbridled preaching of pardons makes it difficult even for learned men to defend the respect due the pope from false accusations, or even from the astute criticisms of the laity;
82. For example: -- "Why does not the pope empty purgatory, for the sake of holy love and of the dire need of the souls that are there, if he can redeem an infinite number of souls for the sake of miserable money with which to build a Church? The former reasons would be most just; the latter is most trivial."
83. Again: -- "Why do funeral and anniversary masses for the dead continue to be said? Why does the pope not return or permit the repayment of the endowments founded on their behalf, since it is wrong to pray for those now redeemed?"
84. Again: -- "What is this new piety of God and the pope, that for money they allow an impious man who is their enemy to buy out of purgatory the devout soul of a friend of God, when they do not allow that pious and beloved soul to be redeemed without payment for pure love's sake or because of its need of redemption?"
85. Again: -- "Why are the penitential canon laws long, which in actual fact and practice are long obsolete and dead, now satisfied by the granting of indulgences, as though they were still alive and in effect?"
86. Again: -- "Why does not the pope, whose wealth is today greater than the wealthiest of the wealthy, build just this one church of St. Peter with his own money, rather than with the money of poor believers?"
87. Again: -- "What is it that the pope dispenses to people, and what participation does he grant, to those who have a right to full remission and participation because of their perfect repentance?"
88. Again: -- "What greater blessing could come to the Church than if the pope were to do a hundred times a day what he now does only once, and bestow on every believer these remissions and participations?"
89. "Since the pope seeks the salvation of souls rather than money by his pardons, why does he suspend the indulgences and pardons granted before now, since these have equal efficacy?"
90. To repress these arguments and scruples of the laity by force alone, and not to resolve them by giving reasons, is to expose the Church and the pope to the ridicule of their enemies, and to make Christians unhappy.
91. If, therefore, pardons were preached according to the spirit and mind of the pope, all these doubts would be readily resolved; indeed, they would cease to exist.
92. Away, then, with all those prophets who say to the people of Christ, "Peace, peace," where there is no peace!
93. Blessed be all those prophets who say to the people of Christ, "the cross, the cross," where there is no cross!
94. Christians are to be exhorted that they be diligent in following Christ, their Head, through penalties, deaths, and hell;
95. And thus be confident of entering into heaven rather through many tribulations, than through the assurance of peace.


Saturday, October 28, 2017

Image of the lost Saint Tammany Weathervane - Philadelphia 1812-1930?

Image of the lost Saint Tammany Weathervane - 9' x 9-1/2' - on top of 100' Liberty Pole aka Indian Pole for over 100 years - Old York Road and Wood Street - 1844 Advertisement

Free Library Phila.Collection - circa 1900

Intersection left Old York Road, right Fourth Street at Wood Street, showing base of "Indian Pole". 

Notice the two public drinking fountains, one for horses and one for humans. 



Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Do U S Soldiers Killed in Africa Deserve Respect from their Commander in Chief?

Do U S Soldiers Killed in Africa Deserve Respect from their Commander in Chief?

Staff Sgt. Bryan C. Black

Staff Sgt. Jeremiah W. Johnson

Staff Sgt. Dustin M. Wright

Sgt. La David Johnson


Monday, October 9, 2017

Paul Robeson - 1898/1976 - Jersualem - American Political Prisoner - America's First #TakeAKnee

Paul Robeson - 1898/1976 - American Political Prisoner - America's First #TakeAKnee

Passport Revoked 1956-1958 by U.S. Government preventing an American Citizen to travel abroad.


Sunday, October 1, 2017

Saint George's Hall / House - 1877/1903 - 1903/1923 - 13th, 19th and Arch Streets Philadelphia - St. George's Statue

Saint George's Hall - 13th and Arch Streets - 1895

Saint George's Hall - 13th and Arch Streets - 1900

Saint George's Statue -
MLK Drive Fairmount Park Phila.
 - Designed and cast by Elkington & Company of Birmingham England, 1877
(image source: Wikipedia Commons - Unrestricted Usage)

Source: A History of the Society of the Sons of Saint George established at Philadelphia by Theodore Knauff, 1923

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Spanish Speaking Tsunami About to Arrive in America from Hurricane Apocalypse


There is gonna be at least a half million Puerto Ricans escaping Hurricane apocalypse to the mainland in the months to come, and coming here and are native born American citizens who do not carry I.D. because they are citizens. 

Watch the mangoes hit the fan with racial profiling and cop deaths, broken tail lights etc, in the next few months among the paranoid old white man establishment that don't like non-white as a skin color or Spanish as a native North American language.

But the PRs are not Mexicans. They have fought in 2 world wars, korea, vietnam etc. are veterans and have college degrees.

There is a Spanish part of America that gets constantly refused statehood. These regular votes on statehood are rigged like brexit etc. 

PR does not want statehood because they don't feel welcome in America and they know it. 

That corner of America is about to spill over into the present toxic atmosphere of fear and hate of the racist leading his neo=nazi cult from the white house.