Thursday, October 4, 2012

Welcome to the Hotel California - Archbishop Cordileone - Gipsy Kings

Greetings from The Dude and Jesus, Sal.  Got any fresh Carpet? LOL 

No messing with Jesus. Right? LMAO

Welcome to San Francisco (that's Spanish for Saint Francis BTW).



Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In Dolan’s Colon (that rhymes) – Artiste Bill Donohue at Catholic League Displays his “Obama in Feces” Decorative Artwork

Bill Donohue is like a pit bull. He won’t give it up in terms of being an unrecognized artistic genius having to muck about with the likes of Archbishop Dolan and Rupert Murdoch over at Fox News.

I did not know that the Santorum crowd, the Pink Palace crowd in the NewYork archdiocese like to play with “brown” Play-Doh and call it art.  

I want Bill Donohue’s job. And I won’t have Yahoo as my homepage in the office like Bill – OMG! – Yahoo!

$400,000 a year to sit around with a view of Central Park and fantasize about black people in their own feces as the new mean spirited Catholic League / Cardinal Dolan sponsored $$$ vvision of art.  LOL. LMAO.  

Gee Bill, Nostalgia. Now I understand the “New Evangelization” completely.

I haven’t had so much fun with nostalgic memories since I was two and playing with my own feces that fell out of one of those old fashioned cloth diapers that my mother had to recycle in the wash.

Catch 3:09 – 3:59 of video to listen to a grown man whine about decorative art.  Old decorative art.

BTW the way Cardinal Dolan, I am a starving poet.  Send me some grant money. Pleese!

Here is a sample of my work:

Santorum’s Best – a poem

There once was a cemetery
Crook from Milwaukee Nantucket
Who had a drunk stooge
Who could only fluck(y) it
In life. …
But when it came to his art
The sterling part, the secret
Was found obviously hidden
In his eyes, stars, in wide stance
on a toilet seat perhaps
And (or) in Dolan’s colon.