Sunday, April 23, 2017

Good News - The Nazis not Responsible for Death Camps in WWII - Alternative Fact Trump History!

The Nazis were not responsible for the death of millions of Jews and Gays and Gypsies and Commies in the killing host centers in Poland etc. Host centers, free drinks at five in the lobby?

The corporations and their expiration dates on Zykon B gas pellets was the reason the Nazis sped up the killing of undesirables in Europe in WWII.

After the war started, Bayer Company's Zyklon B production stopped and all the remaining supply of it had a corporate expiration date on it - "Use by July 1945".

So like in the recent Arkansas mass execution date, it was merely a corporate decision. Nothing personal. Just corporate. What a relief?

So in ensuing elimination at present of the undesirables including the Blacks. the Old, the Disabled, da Gays etc. it will because on the Wharton Global Spreadsheet (bow your heads), it will be economically efficient to delete these undesirables in order not to waste any precious warehouses full of whatever to eliminate these undesirables.

It is a great deal of moral relief to know that death is merely in accordance with Global Profits INC etc.

Can I have a massively Inbred White Trash Arkansas GOP Crischan Amen?


Have a nice day.