Friday, March 28, 2014

Hobby Lobby Minimun Wage Part Time Employees Eligible for Food Stamps? Red GOP States Claiming Religious Liberty Exceptions on Refusing Federal Medicaid Aid?

I do not know what Medicaid requirements are for red states currently refusing Federal Medicaid subsidies, but if you look at one third of Hobby Lobby employees at 25 hours per week at a fantastic $9.50 minimum wage - $12,350 per annum – that puts them in range of Food Stamps qualification if they in fact are supporting children? That hey, you have one part time job, go out in a busted economy and land another. Yeah right.

And a family of four on a full time Hobby Lobby full time salary at a fantastic $14.00 (Link Bottom of Page) minimum wage  - $29,120 per annum still qualifies for Food Stamps?

Hobby Lobby like WalMart depends on federal food subsidies to support their work staff? Why not tax the corporations in accordance for Free Food to their workers???

That the red state refusal of Medicaid upgrades is in fact the states using Religious Liberty Exceptions to refuse medical treatment for women’s medicine related and women sexual organ - vagina care - related Healthcare?

War on Women

Aided by War on Part Time Employees rights and dignity???

SNAP Income Requirements


Dave Green Hobby Lobby Biblical Values – Screw Your Wage Slaves Good and then Screw the Dumb F*cks all over Again

Biblical Values = F*ck your Slaves (employees) Over and Over again!

Give with one Christian hand and Take away with the other “Christian” Hand! Oh Praise da Lord!

Hobby Lobby Raises Minimum Wage To $10/Hr (2009)

Recently I heard that David Green, the CEO of Hobby Lobby stores, decided to increase their minimum wage to $10/hour. The change will affect 9,200 of their full-time employees and will cost the company about $15 million dollars each year.

Spokeswoman Carol Troy said they took the action because, “they have had a profitable year and want to pass that on to their employees.” And David Green said, ““Our employees are the backbone of our company, and we believe that giving them the opportunity to share in our success is the right thing to do,”
Apparently David Green is a Christian and he runs the business with Biblical values in mind. What’s exciting is that you can see God’s hand on that business as it thrives in an economy that is putting many businesses under. Over the last year Hobby Lobby has actually had a significant increase in sales and they have plans for expanding in 2009, opening 25 new stores while creating another 1000 jobs.

June 26, 2009
Being a previous HL employee, I can give you the facts. I worked there for 4 years off and on and they are the WORST most UNCHRISTIAN place EVER!!
When they gave this raise to all of the full-time employees and department heads, all of us part time employees were let go, and they are now refusing to pay us unemployment– including two single mothers who are now living off of welfare and having to stay at friends’ places because they can’t afford to pay rent anywhere.
I’ve quit twice and now been fired twice from this place. The first time, they didn’t even bother letting me know I was fired. They refused unemployment for me then, too.
Take my word for it: this company is VERY good at pretending to be something it’s not. Appearances are deceiving.

Uncle Charlie
October 28, 2009
As a Hobby Lobby employee for nearing a decade, I can say your experience was a minority, Jess. Keep in mind that they’re a Christian business, but a business nonetheless. The company pays for half of all Angel Food for full time employees. The company doubled all 401k contributions of all employees last year. They have a 2 full time Chaplins available for all employees. The list of positives go on and on. Of course everything isn’t always so peachy. They do a fine job of taking care of those who take care of them.

January 26, 2010
After over 10 years with the companyi can say that Jess is very right about Hobby Lobby. I chose to leave this company after such along time because instead of making my faith stronger, it had weekend it. I was in upper management, the pay was fair to begin with, but when you figure it up per hour, it is lacking. I was so excited when they closed on sundays, and in the beginning it was great, but after a few years things changed. Management in my area was made to work on sundays, or shall i say strongly encouraged and berated if we didn’t. when i finally left i was working a minimum of 70 hours per week, but more like 80. I realized that family was not important to them, money was. I watched numerous fellow managers marriages fail, or the married ones left and it was growing to be either single men and women, or ones without children at home.
As for the chaplins, even when my parents died i never saw or heard from them. I did try to contact david greene after leaving to make him aware of the situations in his store, as i don’t feel his plan was to have an environment so unfamily friendly, but i never heard back from him, and friends who still work there say nothing has changed.
So uncle charley i am going to guess that your are either single, no children, or your children are grown.

Hobby Lobby Employee
March 2, 2010
I have worked for Hobby Lobby for over a decade and all I will tell you is don’t believe that everything is so great working for this company! The norm at HL is little to nothing for raises and little to no respect for people who work hard day in and day out!

Bev Daniel
April 17, 2010
I know a young person who was fired because they called in sick one day and didn’t have a doctors note. Going to the doc would have cost more money than they could afford especially after missing a day of pay! I don’t think this was fair to a person who has worked there over a year, was head of two departments and was a hard worker for the company. I’ve completely lost respect for this company and will not shop there again.

Hobby Lobby Employee
June 18, 2010

I helped set my store up and have been with the company since, I can’t understand how this company can say they are Christian based but keep the majority of there employees as part-tiimers to avoid paying them $10 an hour. I only get to work around 25 hours a week (I beg for more hours.) Although current employees are begging for more hours mangement is about to hire new people. I don’t understand. Why not give your loyal part-timers a full time position. I know why because you can split one full time position between 2 employees and save 2 dollars per hour. I understand the concept of working your way up but in my case we all started at the same time, work just as hard, and are just as qualified as the employees who are getting full time pay and hours.


Monday, March 17, 2014

“Heineken was always slop” – Bill Donohue Catholic League Beer Boycott – Support Religious Bigotry aka Religious Liberty / Freedom

God knows Bill Donohue needs to trim his beer belly but to pick on Corporate ex-Sponsors Guinness Heineken (Sam Adams on the Boston SP parade) of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC that do not Financially Support Religious Bigotry -- is just too much even for a barfly from Rosie O’Grady's pub on Sixth Avenue.

All because nobody buys into this obsolete scapegoating the Gays anymore just like the Roman Catholic Church scapegoated them for centuries alongside the Jews.

“In 1995, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a 9-0 decision that the First Amendment guarantees the right of private parade organizers to determine its own rules for marching. It is this liberty that the makers of Guinness, Heineken, and Sam Adams want to squash.”

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tom Brokaw – The Brokaw Principle – Staying on the Job Decades and Decades After Jumping the Shark

Not dead yet - The Brokaw Brand

I see that Tom Brokaw has announced he has cancer. I have to wonder if he is writing yet another book - a coffee table book on the trials of America’s Healthcare System during his illness, for the rest of us little people?

He has stayed on at NBC as a ghostly figure to confirm whispers of the “Journalism” brand that TV news once allegedly had a half century ago.

He even recently mouthed a fiftieth anniversary Oswald the Archer Fairy Tale story of the one lone Archer killing the Prince of Hyannis in 1963 with the claim that the truth, is Tom Brokaw’s truth, that he was there – in 1963 that is - so it must be true. I was there too in 1963. But nobody has handed me a Peabody lately. Lol

There is this Peter Principle thing that states that business or bureaucrats work their way up the ladder to the job that they cannot do, haven't a clue about, stay there and confuse the rest of the organization from that standing place until they retire with their platinum parachutes…

The Brokaw Principle is to keep reinforcing the media image brand thing by living on passed any bit of usefulness in the “News” trade. The Brokaw Principle is of course the Newsy branch of Peter Principles Inc., an official business network association of active and retired business executives like Tom.

I pick on Tom too much perhaps but I date my label of him as a Peter Principle-er cult/sect member to a news conference in the 80s when Reagan stated something that the thing Americans can do to prevent transmission of HIV/AIDS in blood transfusions by creating one’s own personal store of one’s blood in cold storage for the day it might be needed.

The most ridiculous thing I ever heard from a politician in such a high place in government!

Needless to say, I thought that RWR's snide elitist remarks on storing one’s own blood would be challenged by Tom in the usual post news conference commentary. But Tom only reiterated President Reagan’s brilliant advice to all Americans and I turned off Tom then and ever since.

From a popular novel I think:

Every evening Winston Smyth listened in on the nighty Newspeak Nightly News with Tom Newspeak… (radio adverstisement - "Tom Newspeak, the most trusted voice in Greater Oseania")

Tom Newspeak may have at one time been one person. But over time, thick horn rimmed glasses with thick lenses, a ridiculous wig/toupee? and goatee all marked the identifying features of the current Tom Newspeak and his Nighty Teledep Broadcast on the official primary Minitrue network located at Rockinfeller Plaza Place New New York…

The goatee it was rumored was devised so as to not to confuse the Sheeple regarding who was Big Brother and who was just a repeater of words cranked out by the Ministry of Truth…

The 15 minute Broadcast began sharply at 18:45 just as every good citizen had finished the dishes after a standard nightly meal usually and suggested by the States at 18:00 hours.

Tom Newspeak seemed to be the younger one from a range of interchangeable types ranging in age from 25 to 45. Same glasses, same toupee, same Midwestern accent, same goatee cut on the chin…