Thursday, December 26, 2013

Monsignor Lynn, Clergy Pedophile Enabler, Bribed Out Of Jail? Philadelphia the Most Corrupt Archiocese in North America?

On the one hand your have.

”The Philadelphia archdiocese says it doesn't change its pledge to protect children and remove abusive priests.” (yeah right)

And then you have a bunch of typical greasy palmed Pennsylvania judges sayings that Monsignor Lynn is not responsible for the welfare of children in the archdiocese. How fucking convenient.

Cake and Eat It Too.

They don't call Charlie - "Chaput the Fixer" for nothing (-$).

Monsignor William Lynn has served 18 months in prison after a jury found he endangered a boy by helping protect a predator-priest. But an appeals court on Thursday overturned the child endangerment conviction, saying Lynn was not legally responsible for the boy's welfare. 

Lynn's lawyers hoped the 62-year-old Lynn would go free, but the Superior Court has instead sent the bail issue back to the trial court. 

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams vows to oppose bail and appeal the ruling. 

Victims' advocates are outraged by the ruling.