Saturday, June 30, 2012

Monsignor Lynn Begs for Mercy – Let the Bastard Rot in Prison! - Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Monsignor William Lynn is begging for mercy from the courts, to be released to house arrest until his official sentencing.  The Judge involved in the decision is not unsympathetic but she realizes what cowards and pussies the RCC clergy are who foster protection to pedophilia and its enablers in the ranks – bishops.  

They have a tendency to run off and hide in the Vatican and the Vatican officials will smack their cheeks and say something clever in Italian to the effect and waving their arms – “They are not here. We don’t know what you are talking about”.

I dare say even to this day, Cardinal Law of Boston, if put into a position of unprotected contact with the public on Boston Commons would be probably be torn to shreds by a just and angry mob of Boston citizens in real time judgment of real time people of a bag of human shit protected by a Vatican Passport under protection of a German Pontiff who has buggered, directly or indirectly through official cover up, more than a few altar boys in his time.
I dare say Bill Lynn pulled a Nuremburg Defense in that he was “only following orders”.

Show Monsignor Lynn as much mercy as all the pedophile priests, bishops and cardinals in Philadelphia have shown all their sexual victims – which is NONE!

I’ll pray for your soul Bill but I think it a total waste of my time.

Have a nice day.  And have a nice life in prison. 


Friends 1910 Photo

Friends and or siblings, circa 1910, on lot at 12th and Susquehanna Avenue, Philadelphia.

Poised in front of distant row houses, 1129-1127 W. Colona Street.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Liberty Bell - Classic

Liberty Bell, in classic form
At home in wood and brick
No metal detectors
No guards
No mega-million dollar cage
No stainless steel
Or concrete, concrete
And glass, glass, glass
Just a perfect People Symbol
In the People's House
And like Liberty itself
Touch me it says
I will not break.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Saint Tammany - Patron Saint of America - Philadelphia

In honor of the contributions of Native American Indians—the ancestors, the elders, this generation, and the generations to come—this sculpture commemorates Tamanend, a Sakima, of the Lenni-Lenape nation who resided in the Delaware Valley when Philadelphia, or “Coaquannock” was established.  
Tamanend stands on a turtle, which represents Mother Earth. The eagle, a revered messenger of the Great Spirit has a wampum belt in its grasp. This belt recognizes the friendship treaty under the Shackamaxon Elm between William Penn (“Mikwon”), Tamanend (“the Affable One”) and other leaders of the Lenni-Lenape nation. It reads—“to live in peace as long as the waters run in the rivers and creeks and as long as the stars and moon endure.” 

…many folk legends surrounded Tamanend and his fame assumed mythical proportions among the people of Philadelphia, who began to call him "King Tammany," "Saint Tammany," and the "Patron Saint of America." The people of Philadelphia also organized a Tammany society and an annual Tammany festival. These traditions soon spread across America. The reason for Tammany's popular status can be attributed to the need that patriotic colonists had to express a distinct "American" identity, in place of their former European nationalities. Tammany, an American Indian, provided an apt symbol for patriotic Americans to identify with. 
Because of Philadelphia's political significance during the founding of the United States of America, Tammany soon became a national symbol throughout much of the newly formed country. (Tammany Hall)


Two Buddies Hanging Out Together

21. And this photograph of two best friends on a swing.

Porto Rico Soda Philadelphia - Orange Blossom

Porto Rico Pale Dry Company, Phila., 1950s

"Hey Chico, make mine Porto Rico"

It's "Soda-licious"


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Iconic America – American Artist Cyrus E. Dallin 1861-1944

Cyrus Edwin Dallin

Appeal to the Great Spirit - Boston

Statue in front of Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Moroni - Salt Lake City - LDS Temple

Moroni - replica

Paul Revere - Boston


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ancient Biblical Philadelphia - Roman Column

Biblical Philadelphia - Roman Column - U. of Penn. Campus

A gift to the modern city of Philadelphia in 1976, the Bicentennial, from the ancient Philadelphia, the present city of Amman Jordan.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

President's House - Philadelphia - 6th and Market Sts

There were several residences of George Washington as first president in New York and Philadelphia.  All except one, a summer residence in Philly, have been torn down and are nearly forgotten.  These images are of a replica of the President’s House during his tenure in Phila 1790-1797. It was built for the Sesquicentennial (150 Years) Exposition in Philly in 1926.  It too was torn down after that Exposition.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 14 - Flag Day USA - Betsy Ross House

It is June 14 – Flag Day in the United States, celebrating the day on June 14, 1777 when the Second Continental Congress authorized an official flag for the new thirteen “United States of America”.
Part of the local folklore of Philadelphia during the Centennial, 1876, became the national legend of a simple Quaker seamstress named Betsy Ross making the first stars and stripes as pictured above.
I can remember when Betsy Ross’ House in Philly was a simple local tourist thing. You went in the front door where the tourist goodies were displayed. The gift shop, if you could call it that, was manned by a female volunteer in colonial dress and she seemed to be the only official person on site. Admission was free. The rest of your self guided tour was up and down winding stairs from a strange to me concept of a kitchen hearth in the cellar to very tiny rooms above and a really tiny bedroom in the attic. 
The building itself is a modified, with added on rooms, “trinity” type Philadelphia colonial building which was basically three rooms, ground floor room, second floor room and attic with dormer window all connected by winding stairs in the corner of the rooms usually located next to the fireplace.
It was perhaps strange for a boomer like me to understand all this stuff or that yes people used to heat their houses with fireplaces. Where were the radiators? Curious.
Along came the Bicentennial in 1976 with a lot of Nanny Government cash and Betsy Ross’ house has evolved into the giant gift store in back, bigger than the original house, and part of a new entrance way next to the admi$$on booth, and a crowd of Park Rangers to supervise your every body movement (“don’t touch that!”), that this tourist trap is today.  Disneyesque.  
For those of you wanting directions, it is half a block or so up the street from Ben Franklin’s grave.  In fact the area is all quite modern now.  In my youth this part of downtown was considered part of “the slums”.
When we went into that local simple Betsy Ross house of say 1959, there was no air conditioning or air filters.  The house felt like a standard Philly row house and it smelled like one, with a pine oil scent coming off the washed worn down wooden floors and the curtains smelling a bit musty etc. from the humidity in the building.
On the exit then, the gifts bought on a child's budget in the first floor parlor were likely to be ten cent pencils with the stars and stripes painted on the pencil shaft and a fifty cent copy of the Declaration of Independence printed on yellow parchment paper.  These natural type products also contributed to the smell, atmosphere of the organic whole of that old memory.
Happy Flag Day.  
Hope the flag you display today is not “Made in China”.
Have a nice day. 


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Solar Trees - Singapore

(CNN) -- Singapore's latest development will finally blossom later this month, with an imposing canopy of artificial trees up to 50 meters high towering over a vast urban oasis. 
The colossal solar-powered supertrees are found in the Bay South garden, which opens to the public on June 29. It is part of a 250-acre landscaping project -- Gardens by the Bay -- that is an initiative from Singapore's National Parks Board that will see the cultivation of flora and fauna from foreign lands. 
The man-made mechanical forest consists of 18 supertrees that act as vertical gardens, generating solar power, acting as air venting ducts for nearby conservatories, and collecting rainwater. To generate electricity, 11 of the supertrees are fitted with solar photovoltaic systems that convert sunlight into energy, which provides lighting and aids water technology within the conservatories below.

Catholic Bishops Fascist Agenda - When Pigs Fly - LOL

When pigs fly?

USCCB - American Catholic Bishop's Secret Fascist Agenda - when pigs fly.



Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cardinal Dolan is Famous for his Catholic Charity to Child Molesters


Charity indeed begins at home.  And in Ireland too.  Jesus' money well spent???

Cardinal Dolan is hiding out this week from the Press in Ireland to attend a 11.8 million (Euro) and or $14.8 million Eucharistic Congress.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In This Graceless Age

All these times are so uncertain.
There's a yearning undefined
and people filled with rage.
We all need a little tenderness.
How can love survive
in such a graceless age ?
The trust and self-assurance
that lead to happiness,
they're the very things
we kill I guess.
Pride and competition
cannot fill these empty arms….
And the more I know,
the less I understand.
All the things I thought I'd figured out,
I have to learn again.
I've been trying to get down
to the heart of the matter.
But everything changes
and my friends seem to scatter.
But I think it's about

(Lyrics, The Heart of the Matter, Don Henley)


Monday, June 4, 2012

Bicentennial Bell Headed for the Scrap Heap?


The Queen's Bell and or the Bicentennial Bell. (above)

It's Jubilee time in Britain and I recall a gift from their Monarch and the Brits to the Yanks for the Bicentennial in 1976.

The Bicentennial Bell BTW is an exact sized replica of the Liberty Bell and cast in the same foundry in London as the Liberty Bell, Whitechapel Foundry  

They still have some dirty industrial stuff over there in Britain.  Not everything in the world is an abstract computer services industry thing like in America.  People still get their hands dirty making a living in other parts of the world unlike all our debt-ridden  cookie cutter college grads etc.

The above three year old newspaper article is all the news I could find of the fate of a bell that was supposed to ring on special public occasions and the odd British Coronation.

Turns out, it is not functioning with a broken automated bell clapper for the past seven years.  The U.S. Parks Department does not have the funds to fix it etc.  The tower and building it is housed in is obsolete and will likely be torn down and rebuilt as yet another Revolution museum in the City of Brotherly Love.

It might be a good idea to send the bell around the country as a gesture of good will to our only ally left in Europe etc.  I doubt it can be anonymously sent back to Windsor Castle. They might notice.  It has writing on it. I think that country can still read. 

Raiders of the Lost Ark storage? Probably.  And or the scrap heap?  (They got the statue of Diana by St. Gaudens in the Philadelphia Museum of Art off a scrap heap BTW.)  Hope the next owner of the bell appreciates it more than the present history slackdivists in Philly.

For a city like Philly that claims to be so into history, its recent history is totally ignored.  A grand gesture and a gift from a direct descendent of King George III, out last king, and it gets a present day yawn. Ho hum. 

(Above) Queen Elizabeth II - Dedication of Bicentennial Bell - Philadelphia - July 6, 1976