Sunday, July 26, 2015

Abp. Chaput’s Submissive Docile Obedient Celibate Homosexual Workshop At Pope Party September Philadelphia or the “New Homophiles”

"A Christian Dirce", by Henryk Siemieradzki.
(Public Domain)
There is something evil-ly sickening-ly cynical about  Abp. Charles Chaput who comes into the Philly AD to clean up the clean up of the Hierarchy Buggery Mess and announces changes and school and church closings in the inner city and imprimaturs it with the term that he is not doing this – that is the doing of a “Blue Commission” this or a “Blue Commission” that to justify the break-up, sale, and consolidation of securities through the sale of real estate for the greater glory of God, Chaput’s campaign for a red hat and oh yeah, the people (little people – very little people of God) in the once late great archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Homosexuals can attend a Catholic family congress in Philadelphia during Pope Francis' U.S. visit this year but won't be allowed to use it to attack Church teachings, the city's archbishop said on Thursday. "We don't want to provide a platform at the meeting for people to lobby for positions contrary to the life of our Church," said Archbishop Charles Chaput. 
The Catholic Church teaches homosexuality is not sinful but homosexual acts are. "We are not providing that kind of lobbying opportunity," he told a news conference presenting the September 22-27 congress known as the World Meeting of Families. Gay Catholic groups and families headed by gay Catholics had asked for an official presence at the gathering to present their view that homosexuals should be fully welcomed in the Church.  
The pope will attend the last two days of the Philadelphia meeting at the end of a trip that will take him to Cuba as well as New York and Washington. About 15,000 people from around the world are expected to attend the family congress to hear lectures and take part in workshops on family issues before the pope arrives to close the gathering.  
"We hope that everyone feels welcome and certainly people who have experienced same-sex attraction are welcome like everyone else," Chaput said.  
Bishop John McIntyre, also of Philadelphia, said the only event dedicated to gay issues at the congress will be one by Ron Belgau, a celibate gay Catholic and founder of the Spiritual Friendship Initiative. Belgau blogs and lectures about how Catholic gays can live by the Church's teaching.  
McIntyre said Belgau "will talk about his own coming to terms with his sexual orientation and the manner in which he embraced the teachings of the Church" and his mother will also speak. 
Something also sickeningly evilly from a gutter snipe bureaucrat like Chaput, son of an illegal French Canadian immigrant btw, and son of a native American mother with native born American status to come into the white world of east coast Philadelphia and wave a magic hand by “Chief Outta-Town” and tell Gays they have no place at the table at the world meeting of families. No place - not even to sweep the tourist made trash – like the untouchables of India - of a week-long activities and lectures by real Catholics obedient to their Church and not the Church of Gays who have no real church so to speak.

How does you define families and or a family Charles? Dad needed a green card and I got out at 13 to go to junior seminary to escape my ideal “family” experience? (A kid’s gotta eat – ya know.)

Reading some the of insane suedo social science that Celibate Loyal Catholic Homosexual “Spirityual Friendship” Ron Belgau is about to be unleashed at the Pope Fair or World Meeting of the “Family” reminds me of some throwback to trying to un-homosexual oneself into heterosexuality a la “doctor” Marcus Bachmann, macho man behind the genius and Christian backbone of lunatic fringe GOP goddess Michele Bachmann.

Ron Belgau is all over the place of the orthodox catholic and Christian blogosphere, trying to secure a niche and secure a steady income base from many non-profit tax dodge religious entities and preaching how only obedient celibate Gays can dare for any hope of a pat on the head from their local overseer bishop or have the slightest chance of Jesus’ salvation – he only died for some – don’t you know.

In this article below he blames the Abolition of Marriage not on gay marriage but no-fault civil divorce over the decades. That children don’t need parents or caregivers, that they need a mother (female) and a father (male). And that an abused mother along with a drunken physically abusive father is on paper the perfect Catholic or Christian growing grounds for children.

U have wonder if Ron will be given a real classroom or lecture hall in Philly to explain what holy Queers should be like or if cynical Chaput houses his sideshow in a tent, a freak peepshow, along the Benjamin Parkway in Philly. Lol

In another forum Crisis, Ron’s friends write articles of 90% praise and 10% critique of Belgau’s philosophy/propaganda. And then the following week or so Ron responds to the critique in this so called Plato like dialogue with his cronies also looking for lifetime employment preaching what gets the most gelt from the bishop masters of the Catholic treasury not of grace but of cash.

The most recent article in Crisis is by somebody about Nero as Patrol Saint of Gay Marriage. And like all homophobe’s denial of self, quoting the Roman historian Suetonius mentioning things about dirty little body parts and the acts of Nero’s castrated boyfriend/wife/lover in almost soft core porno fashion, the other half’s sexual activities are what bother conservative libertarians most about these gay types etc. 

I am getting the vapors thinking of Ron Belgau’s retort in the same magazine to illustrate how the author is right about the abominable sexual position stuff of Nero and Company and how to cure it with “celibate homosexual friendship in Christ”. (Puke!)

That Ron Belgau does mention the loss of his Spiritual Friend Julie Rodgers in a twitter mention who had to resign her Celibate Homosexual counseling job recently at Wheaton College who probably reached a personal maturity and realization about her own Homosexuality and had to shrink from the delusional world in which she had existed for a decade or so, as one time co-founder of this Ron Belgau movement regarding “spiritual friendship”.

That any Gay person on the fence about natural humanity and manufactured spirituality to park one’s psyche would have to enjoy emotional confusion or delusional uncertainty and over all general head game abuse to follow the Ron Belgau’s Catholic propaganda (Bullshit) that Chaput is dumping down his dirt shute to any crazies looking for respect at the World Meeting of Families or Pope Fair in Philly in late September.


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pope Francis Whiting The Sepulchers at Vatican Climate Change Summit?

Pope Francis’s DirtyWar Dealings

"I’m not so sure Bergoglio was chosen to cover up the church’s current rot—the Vatican Bank’s transparency problem, the pedophile priests who’ve been exposed across the globe. It wouldn’t surprise me if, instead, Bergoglio launched a moral crusade to white the apostolic sepulchers." ~~~ By Horacio Verbitsky | 15 March 2013 The Daily Beast

Looking at the News Feed and a Summit of Climate Control at the Vatican, I ran into these words today and made a mental connection of sorts.

That Franics is master of the Twitter age sound bite just like Donald Trump. A lot of  the rest of us are still listening in 1985 Reaganesque-ese Teflon radio-age communication.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Harper Lee and her recent novel

Harper Lee and her recent novel

There is nothing in the character of Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird to suggest that he was anything other than the average biased Southerner of his time in Depression era America.

People, wanting positive change, put their best foot forward in the Civil Rights movement of the African-Americans in the 1950s and 1960s. Surely ideals and idealic ideas about equality needed an almost magical quality to overturn the mess of Reconstruction following the Civil War, following the collapse of the obscene and obsolete economic system based on slavery. 

To Kill A Mockingbird was such a positive view of life in the recent past that seemed to give insight and impetus to that Civil Rights moment. It was the right book at the right time in American culture. 

Right from the very first, white European indentured servants served seven years of defacto slavery to gain a passage to the New World and future opportunity not afforded in the Old World.

Right from the very first, Africans who did not speak the language got stuck in a white man made hell of profit from the labor of people of a different culture and race - decade after decade after decade and codified into law.

And generation after generation people became trapped in the evil of Capitalism that has no moral rules except that of profit and getting over on the next guy or gal.

There is the Atticus quote now from the second Harper Lee book which was written before Mockingbird. And Atticus is afraid of carloads of coloreds invading the delusional safe white town square of America.

The “carloads” word is metaphor for technology. Putting fears from the past into exponential power intensifies fears of things that should have been adjusted or justly dealt with decades and generations before.

People forget that the Infrastructure Czar Robert Moses who had dictatorial power for decades over New York City and Long Island projects of Housing, Roads and Parks is that many highways being built going and coming into New York City, at this same time period of Atticus in Mockingbird, those highways onto Long Island from NYC had bridges and overpasses intentionally built very low in order to make charter buses full of "coloreds" from going out to Jones Beach etc. And ownership of a car was still a luxury to most of the masses white and black at that time.

That when Atticus Finch talks about the technology of “carloads” of black people, he is no different than the prejudices held in the North, but cleverly camouflaged behinds other technologies. That the South had decades long economic depression following the Civil War in one reason why racial equality and or racial tolerance was an unacceptable in everyday life of the South as displayed in the so called dark side of an aged Atticus Finch. Jobs first for the white natives and not the chattel / property class.

That few see that Atticus defended a black on rape charges with a white woman in Mockingbird, he was no idealist, he was as fair as any trial situation could be considering the circumstances. Better to give a full and adequate defense of the man charged, than have some other idiot and or blathering racist handle the defense.  

In that Atticus was a full and true servant of the law, his profession, in his professionalism that he will be remembered for that and not the green salad novel currently on the NYT’s best seller list.