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Broken America – Ferguson Missouri – Murder by the State

America is going nowhere fast. A half a century after the basic struggles for civil rights of African Americans in federal legislation lags behind and is basically forgotten all across the old Jim Crow South with new restrictive voter right acts designed to impede voting by the young, the old and along the color line.

While I would not like to be confronted by a gorilla sized petty thug like Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri, I do not understand how in a so-called civilized country how a cop can lose an entire clip of bullets in pursuit and summary execution of a “Jaywalker” “blocking traffic” in the streets of Ferguson Missouri. 

How a cop who kills a eighteen year old kid can blow town and go to Disney World for some R & R and not face the music of his actions while the local Ferguson PD is doing everything in its power to obscure the real issue here – the murder of a Black American citizen by a cop with a license to kill - is way beyond my pay grade.

Some facts are emerging why there is a town like Ferguson with 70% black population and a 90% white police force. The cops do not have to live in Ferguson. They have no investment or interest in the community. It is just a job. The people of Ferguson obviously do not count in their Ayn Rand like equation of life.

That in a period of as little as 15-20 years, the demographics, for whatever reason, went from white to black. Which makes me think that at least half of the white policemen on Ferguson’s police force started in a white town and now are just, in this suck ass American economy, just holding on for a pension no matter what it takes in terms of keeping loyal only to the core brotherhood of cops. 

Cops who in recent years have been outfitted with Pentagon war materials and dress for occupying a foreign country to push a corporate agenda and not the human agenda. That dressed in aggressive warlike kit and gear only makes our domestic police more of an occupying force in our local communities.  It is a serious disconnect from reality but what a paradigm shift of the importance of a global corporate spreadsheet philosophy over people and or humanity – what that really means when you look at it honestly.

I do not like outside people like the Reverend Al Sharpton, a snake oil meal ticket for life preacher type showing up on the scene. If African Americans have no better leaders to look to, perhaps it is time to pack up and move back to Africa for a better deal in having someone look out for your interests in the decimated and tribe warring and corporate resource gutted continent of Africa that is presently on the world stage. 

It is the same type of corporate culture of greed and inhumanity that sent so many into slavery in the first place starting four hundred years ago. A vicious circle perhaps.

Nobody can represent your interests on an individual scale or a cultural scale other than yourself. It is time for African-Americans to gather together, to work and vote their way out of poverty and ignorance like every other slice of American culture and their ongoing struggle of such.  


Monday, August 11, 2014

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Ted Cruz’s White Cuban Racism Shapes American Foreign Policy on Immigration

Ted Cruz besides being a native born Canadian is not Hispanic or Latino and you never hear those terms from the right’s Fox Propaganda Machine used for him.

Ted Cruz is the traditionally racist white Cubano. “Cubano Blanco”. Not a cigar.

Castro when he went Commie, brought down institutional Racism in Cuba in terms of access to education and social services for the black Cubans kept at the bottom of Cuban society for centuries – but that ingrained national traditional racism still exists in Castro’s Cuba.

The words of hate coming out of Ted Cruz’s Mail Order Preacher Certificate dad's mouth against Obama is nothing but traditional centuries old Cuban Racism trying to keep the blacks slaves down in Cuba and inferior to the so-called white Spaniards at the top of the Cuban social heap. 

I have heard before from Hispanics that say they don’t like to travel through Miami’s airport for fear of having to spend any time there and have to encounter the traditional white Cuban (my shit don’t stink) attitude, the degree of venom delivered depending on race and color of the Spanish speaking person wandering the airport, asking for directions, in search of some decent human interface but all they get is that my shit don’t stink Cuban white racism instead.

The GOP had lumped all the Latinos and Hispanics together and think that they are stupid enough to vote for a Cuban like Rubio or Cruz and quite frankly, Latinos and Hispanics can smell the cat under the “friendly” dog overcoat of Cuban American and Cuban Canadian politicians like Rubio and Cruz.

Traditional Cuban racism leeches out in every move, word, Ted Cruz makes against immigrants that are not white and not “pure” Cuban.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day – a Day to Remember all American Veterans - North and South

The Marshall Family gravesite in Colebrook, New Hampshire.
(34 Star U.S. Stars and Stripes and Confederate Official “Star and Bars” Flag)

These two brothers, William Henry and Cummings Marshall, were born in Lumpkin County, Georgia, in the 1840’s. Their father, Abel Cummings Marshall, the brother of my great-great grandfather, had come from the forests and rock-strewn farms of northern New Hampshire to the gold fields near Dahlonega in search of his fortune. 

Shortly thereafter, he married Lucinda Hawkins of South Carolina. Over the next few years Lucinda gave birth to four children – William Henry, Cummings, Melinda, and Martha.  Abel disappeared from records sometime in the 1850’s – my suspicion is that he followed other miners to California seeking gold, though I have yet to substantiate that. In any event, Lucinda was left to raise her children by herself (the 1860 census lists her as head of household). Cummings also left the family – he journeyed to New Hampshire to live with relatives there. (More on Cummings later)

In early 1861, twenty-one year-old William Henry Marshall enlisted in the Dahlonega Volunteers, and soon was parading on the old Mustering Grounds in Dahlonega, from which North Georgia volunteers had assembled for earlier conflicts such as the Texas War for Independence and the Mexican War. Called by Governor Joseph E. Brown in late March to proceed to Macon, the Volunteers were designated Company “H” of the First Georgia Volunteer Infantry. …

Even though he was Southern born, Cummings Marshall must have felt great pressure to enlist in the service, with so many adult males gone to the army. On September 3, 1864, Cummings enlisted in the Ninth Company, New Hampshire Heavy Artillery, which became Company I of the First New Hampshire Heavy Artillery, commanded by Captain Charles O. Bradley. Sent to Washington for garrison duty, the companies of the First were dispersed between the several forts surrounding the city, with Company I being posted to Fort Reno. Fort Reno (or Battery Reno as it was also known) was located on the northwest side of the District of Columbia, roughly two miles west of Fort Stevens. 

Cummings' tour of duty was largely uneventful, though he was injured in a bizarre accident in March of 1865. During a drill, the company was marching at the double-quick across the parade ground, when several soldiers in the rear ranks, including Cummings, stumbled and fell while crossing a ditch. For several days afterwards he lay in his tent complaining of great pain in his abdomen. The injury, described as a “rupture”, would plague Cummings for the rest of his life.

Near the end of the war, my great-great grandfather, Moody Marshall, made the journey south to retrieve Lucinda and daughter Melinda. Moody wrote of great devastation as he travelled southward. Retrieving Lucinda and Melinda, he brought them back to northern New Hampshire. With the war’s close, William Henry made his way north to join his mother. 

The First New Hampshire was mustered out of service in Washington on June 15, 1865. Cummings returned to Colebrook, where he lived with his wife Julia and growing family until 1875, when they moved to Lowell, Massachusetts. 

At some point, Cummings and Julia were divorced, and Cummings returned to Colebrook, where he opened a small candy store and joined the local post of the Grand Army of the Republic. 

William Henry returned to his miner’s roots, prospecting for silver in the nearby mountains. The unrepentant Rebel had a reputation as a bit of a trouble-maker, especially when the G.A.R. paraded on Memorial Day – Henry would gallop his horse through the “Yankee” ranks. As the years passed, the members of the Marshall family passed away, and were interred in the Colebrook Village Cemetery. There the Yankee and the Rebel brothers, once enemies in war, rest together in eternal sleep.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Confederate Veteran Michael Lyons - Mike Lyons Restaurant – 259-261 Bowery Finally Locks Its Doors – January 1907

I am thinking that “The Sun” reporter’s article below on the closing of Mike Lyon’s 24 hour restaurant has got more details in it than others including the NYT regarding the close of the one-time center of Tammany Hall lunch time and dinner time meals and political strategy sessions – those official and unofficial sessions being for the most part in the last decades of the nineteenth century.

The Sun reporter may or may not have been better connected to Tammany politics than others.

A few factors I am aware of probably put Lyon’s off the main track of good basic eats on the Bowery by January 1907.

Mainly, the entertainment center shifted up north to its present and seemingly final place around 42nd Street and Times Square. No more open real estate to following a shifting population in the once open spaces of the island. The Opera House, the “Academy of Music” kept up entertainment and vaudeville after the new 

Metropolitan Opera House opened in 1883 at 39th and Broadway – becoming the only main opera house in town – with the high brows going further uptown and staying up there for their champagne midnight suppers but not at Lyons’. 

A lot of theaters started to migrate over the last two decades of the nineteenth century from around the east end of fourteenth street up Broadway and ending around the Longacre Square area, renamed later, and then the new New York Times building that was built as the centerpiece of this new “Times” Square wrapping itself around this anchor building on the southern end of that confluence of Seventh Avenue and Broadway at 42nd Street, that is btw not a square at all but more like the shape of a hour glass.

The news reporters hung around Lyons' of the old days to rub elbows with the Tammany men down from Tammany Hall on fourteenth in a building next to the old Academy of Music. The Tammany men were more likely to be in the vicinity of the old Police HQ at 300 Mulberry Street, about four blocks from Lyon’s. 

Where better to hang out for politicians than at Police HQ in a very corrupt town. That all came to an end with the Lexow State Committee probe of NYC police corruption 1894-1895 and with reformer types like Police Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt at the same time who made good press on his appearance of making headway fighting the corruption of Tammany within the police force.

That and a new Police Headquarters to open in 1909 would push the cop lunch traffic another five blocks further south. In its day at Lyon’s, plain clothes cops and reporters along with tourists to the Bowery filled Lyon’s eatery twenty four hours a day.

With being an all-night restaurant is was not that inconvenient to grab a cab down from after the theater or opera on 14th street and pop a few corks of champagne at midnight or 2 A.M. etc.

The front door was never locked for something like thirty years until they started to close at midnight, in its last year or two in business. The subway further west near Broadway could carry what was left of the newspaper business and its reporters centered around City Hall downtown, next to the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge - carry them uptown and faster than in streetcars and toward the new center of communication and NYC energy at Times Square. 

There was also the telephone as a new means of communication – no need to sit and talk person to person or over a fried veal chop to get details on deals at city hall.

At five A.M. the poor and housewives/mothers with baskets would line up at the front door in the Lyons’ “breadline” to get food scraps and day old bread not used by the restaurant. 

There was an enormous amount of charity to the neighborhood by Lyons in a world with little or no government social safety nets. It took from the local economy and it gave back some.

Economically sound too with little refuge to cart off guaranteeing that the food would always be fresh and wholesome unlike many other restaurants along the Bowery known for its cheap and dangerous leftover food delivered to the poor in this increasingly skid row like economic area.

Ironic I think that Confederate Private Michael Lyon’s of the Sixth Louisiana Regiment of Infantry company K would be handing out bread for the rest of his working life after being a baker of bread for the troops of the Confederacy – along the long road from New Orleans to Appomattox.

The Raines Law was an attempt to stop drinking of alcohol in public on Sundays in the late nineties. Sunday was the only free day of the week, the only day off for most working men. The stories of abuse and family breakup over drink was an early trial balloon by Republicans, for something like later Prohibition, to strike at the backbone of Democrats and their natural organization centered around saloons.

Only hotels could serve drinks and not from a bar but to a table in a hotel in New York City and only after a meal had been ordered – and yes a sandwich could now be considered a meal.

The loophole was that all you needed above your saloon was ten furnished rooms to qualify for a hotel license to protect the Sunday consumption of booze in your saloon business, now a hotel restaurant – the old bar area now crammed with tables.

Lyon’s already had a hotel license when the law went into effect.

Raines Law Hotels came into overnight existence and notoriety and they also came in two categories. The saloon actually rented out rooms or they just had ten rooms, not rented, as a sham to get a license.

The offset of protecting family values on the Bowery and other parts of New York City was that with so many new “hotel rooms” available, the Bowery became more heavily populated with prostitution, rent by the hour love nests for lunch hour and afternoon adulterous and single couples, and the poor who turned these SROs – Single Room Occupancies – into notorious flop houses.  The poor and the lawless, feeding and growing off the fruits of good intentions of government trying to impose blue laws on the population etc. (sarcasm)

After Mike Lyon finally retired, he sold the business to his oldest son who took out a mortgage that same year no doubt to finance a reopening of Lyon’s which came in late 1908 and the doors of anything connected to the Lyon’s family restaurant business at 259-261 Bowery finally finally closed in 1910 with an auction of fixtures and equipment to pay creditors. 

Confederate Veteran – Private Michael Lyons
Sixth Louisiana Regiment of Infantry Company K
Buried in Green-Wood Cemetery Brooklyn 

The Sun - January 6, 1907 - page 6 (above)


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Moses King New York Guide Book Cover – Inspiration for O.Henry’s short story The Lady Higher Up?

New York World Sunday Magazine, July 24, 1904, The Lady Higher Up by O.Henry

I have to thank the Internet for the coming together of ideas. Researching the latter part of the nineteenth century New York I came across the Moses King Photographic Views of New York originally published in 1892.

I cannot but help to think in the last twenty four hours looking at the cover of the King’s Tourist Guide that Bill Porter hanging around pool halls, billiard parlors and rummy saloons around Fourteenth Street, fingered his King’s Guide to New York to inspire a story for a much needed sawbuck to pay his bar tab and some back rent on a furnished room. 

That about a year and a half to two years into residence in New York City he may have been ready to toss that book - feeling like a native NYer - but instead fingered that guide for inspiration, in a copy newly purchased when he has first arrived or in a dime used copy at a bookstore outdoor stall – with the cover image of Diana the Saint Gaudens sculpted weathervane on top of Madison Square Garden - pointing an arrow at Lady Liberty - may have just been the visual inspiration trigger for the story mentioned above.  

Just a thought.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Grandfather and Grandson – Philip Gengembre Hubert and Philip Hubert Frohman

Philip G. Hubert with his Grandson Philip Hubert Frohman standing on the roof of the New York Riding Academy with the background of his masterpiece – the Navarro “Spanish” Flats.

Philip Hubert Frohman went on to be chief architect and visionary in the completion of the National Cathedral in Washington DC – a lifetime work of some 50 or more years.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Corporate/Personhood = Whore of Babylon - to Damn all Mankind - Hobby Lobby Green Family Cult

Whore of Babylon by Dave Lebow

They are a religious cult.

They are an unbaptized corporation/person claiming exemptions that apply to other people who willingly contribute to the common good of the community and the republic. These democratic deadbeats don’t like this country anymore?

If they that have cash and claim to be religious, why not sell guns at Hobby Lobby and of course not do Federal Background Checks because that would be a violation of their religious cult beliefs.

If they start shooting and killing shoplifters in their stores, the killings will of course be justified to protect religious property and on sacred ground not subject to secular laws and justice?

The more the Religious Right gets money, gets money, gets money and power, power, power, the more they become like the Religious Whore of Babylon described in their man made/written bible and or like the Medieval Roman Church.

What’s in it for me to tolerate these assholes – corporation/people – Cult Leaders - Jim Jones - David Green etc. - pagans – demons - morons from Oklahoma and other red states?

They are living on our tax dime! Who died and made them god?


Friday, March 28, 2014

Hobby Lobby Minimun Wage Part Time Employees Eligible for Food Stamps? Red GOP States Claiming Religious Liberty Exceptions on Refusing Federal Medicaid Aid?

I do not know what Medicaid requirements are for red states currently refusing Federal Medicaid subsidies, but if you look at one third of Hobby Lobby employees at 25 hours per week at a fantastic $9.50 minimum wage - $12,350 per annum – that puts them in range of Food Stamps qualification if they in fact are supporting children? That hey, you have one part time job, go out in a busted economy and land another. Yeah right.

And a family of four on a full time Hobby Lobby full time salary at a fantastic $14.00 (Link Bottom of Page) minimum wage  - $29,120 per annum still qualifies for Food Stamps?

Hobby Lobby like WalMart depends on federal food subsidies to support their work staff? Why not tax the corporations in accordance for Free Food to their workers???

That the red state refusal of Medicaid upgrades is in fact the states using Religious Liberty Exceptions to refuse medical treatment for women’s medicine related and women sexual organ - vagina care - related Healthcare?

War on Women

Aided by War on Part Time Employees rights and dignity???

SNAP Income Requirements


Dave Green Hobby Lobby Biblical Values – Screw Your Wage Slaves Good and then Screw the Dumb F*cks all over Again

Biblical Values = F*ck your Slaves (employees) Over and Over again!

Give with one Christian hand and Take away with the other “Christian” Hand! Oh Praise da Lord!

Hobby Lobby Raises Minimum Wage To $10/Hr (2009)

Recently I heard that David Green, the CEO of Hobby Lobby stores, decided to increase their minimum wage to $10/hour. The change will affect 9,200 of their full-time employees and will cost the company about $15 million dollars each year.

Spokeswoman Carol Troy said they took the action because, “they have had a profitable year and want to pass that on to their employees.” And David Green said, ““Our employees are the backbone of our company, and we believe that giving them the opportunity to share in our success is the right thing to do,”
Apparently David Green is a Christian and he runs the business with Biblical values in mind. What’s exciting is that you can see God’s hand on that business as it thrives in an economy that is putting many businesses under. Over the last year Hobby Lobby has actually had a significant increase in sales and they have plans for expanding in 2009, opening 25 new stores while creating another 1000 jobs.

June 26, 2009
Being a previous HL employee, I can give you the facts. I worked there for 4 years off and on and they are the WORST most UNCHRISTIAN place EVER!!
When they gave this raise to all of the full-time employees and department heads, all of us part time employees were let go, and they are now refusing to pay us unemployment– including two single mothers who are now living off of welfare and having to stay at friends’ places because they can’t afford to pay rent anywhere.
I’ve quit twice and now been fired twice from this place. The first time, they didn’t even bother letting me know I was fired. They refused unemployment for me then, too.
Take my word for it: this company is VERY good at pretending to be something it’s not. Appearances are deceiving.

Uncle Charlie
October 28, 2009
As a Hobby Lobby employee for nearing a decade, I can say your experience was a minority, Jess. Keep in mind that they’re a Christian business, but a business nonetheless. The company pays for half of all Angel Food for full time employees. The company doubled all 401k contributions of all employees last year. They have a 2 full time Chaplins available for all employees. The list of positives go on and on. Of course everything isn’t always so peachy. They do a fine job of taking care of those who take care of them.

January 26, 2010
After over 10 years with the companyi can say that Jess is very right about Hobby Lobby. I chose to leave this company after such along time because instead of making my faith stronger, it had weekend it. I was in upper management, the pay was fair to begin with, but when you figure it up per hour, it is lacking. I was so excited when they closed on sundays, and in the beginning it was great, but after a few years things changed. Management in my area was made to work on sundays, or shall i say strongly encouraged and berated if we didn’t. when i finally left i was working a minimum of 70 hours per week, but more like 80. I realized that family was not important to them, money was. I watched numerous fellow managers marriages fail, or the married ones left and it was growing to be either single men and women, or ones without children at home.
As for the chaplins, even when my parents died i never saw or heard from them. I did try to contact david greene after leaving to make him aware of the situations in his store, as i don’t feel his plan was to have an environment so unfamily friendly, but i never heard back from him, and friends who still work there say nothing has changed.
So uncle charley i am going to guess that your are either single, no children, or your children are grown.

Hobby Lobby Employee
March 2, 2010
I have worked for Hobby Lobby for over a decade and all I will tell you is don’t believe that everything is so great working for this company! The norm at HL is little to nothing for raises and little to no respect for people who work hard day in and day out!

Bev Daniel
April 17, 2010
I know a young person who was fired because they called in sick one day and didn’t have a doctors note. Going to the doc would have cost more money than they could afford especially after missing a day of pay! I don’t think this was fair to a person who has worked there over a year, was head of two departments and was a hard worker for the company. I’ve completely lost respect for this company and will not shop there again.

Hobby Lobby Employee
June 18, 2010

I helped set my store up and have been with the company since, I can’t understand how this company can say they are Christian based but keep the majority of there employees as part-tiimers to avoid paying them $10 an hour. I only get to work around 25 hours a week (I beg for more hours.) Although current employees are begging for more hours mangement is about to hire new people. I don’t understand. Why not give your loyal part-timers a full time position. I know why because you can split one full time position between 2 employees and save 2 dollars per hour. I understand the concept of working your way up but in my case we all started at the same time, work just as hard, and are just as qualified as the employees who are getting full time pay and hours.