Tuesday, November 29, 2016

With Our Inner Peace

Give me inner peace to accept 

the things I cannot change 

and have no control over.

Give me the strength to change

those things that can be changed.

Along with the wisdom 

to understand the difference.
With our inner peace, 

Strength. Courage.

Live we today seeking

our daily bread and means.

Reflections on our offenses

to others.

Letting go of the past.

With compassion,

forgive others who offend. 

And seek protection, shelter, 

from the general evil

of an imperfect world.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving - for what we are truly grateful.

You have to give to the pilgrims at the first thanksgiving feast. Eating at the Indians table, stealing their stone age technology to adapt in a hostile environment. Sitting there with their superior King James hateful Christianity, these religious deviates, these Puritans. Surviving and thanking their god for sending these Indian losers to them to use, abuse and eventually dispose of them, steal their land, culture, breath etc. A mighty god is the Christian god indeed. 

It would all have been a lot simpler if the Indians did not already live in balance with nature in the primitive pagan Stone Age, that they could have enslaved them like black men and women a little further south on the American geographic landscape.

The black men and women from Africa may have been contaminated or tainted with aspects of the Iron and or Bronze Age. That once lost in a strange environment, a great deal of effort, generations lost, to orientate themselves after immediate survival in a distant harsh planet. That once you lose the Stone Age thing, you are on an uncharted roller coaster ride into the unknown of future history.

That the black folks can't talk English and don't understand numbers as in seven years for an indentured servant to serve for a ticket from the old world to start a new life. New life for white folks great. New life for Africans, an eternal nightmare.

Great that forever. Breeding people like animals all part of that same hateful King James Christianity brought here by the COE types with their written charters and stock owners back home that have to be taken care of first from any profits. And what of profit from enslaving dumb stupid Africans to meet the quarterly profit and bonuses of settlers in Virginia forever. 

That stealing is winning if you can get away with it and nobody can catch up to your crimes against ordinary people and or humanity. It is the backbone of the American way. Always has been. Always will be. No matter the fancy stuffing or window dressing. 

And of course, I am reminded of all this as I eat my pre-packaged pre-Thanksgiving dinner, a poor person's allotment in a rich land, in its black plastic institutionalized container at the local church which already has the basement filled tomorrow by appointment for the poor, allotted time at allotted table with a space age version of turkey, gravy, stuffing the consistency of stool and paper tasting reconstituted with water dehydrated potatoes. 

For what we are truly thankful, let us give thanks. 



Monday, November 21, 2016

We will celebrate in the light again one day.

We will celebrate in the light again one day.

Out of this dark age of Bannon / Trump ignorance hiding that light now that we all seek. 


Saturday, November 19, 2016

Trump Jack Off University No Longer Accepting Students - Make America Educate Again

My PhD is discounted. Worthless? Trump Jack Off University a Fraud? Pays fine to bribe the corrupt truth away. Make America Educated Again?



Friday, September 23, 2016

The Two Biggest Con Artists in American History - Charles Ponzi and Donald Trump


The way Donald Trump fondles cash in his foundations/charities is little different than the way Charles Ponzi would have handled cash in his criminal enterprise of a century ago.

The only difference between Donald and Charles is an army of lawyers to threaten silence in his (DT’s) victims and those same lawyers to diffuse or disassemble all the controlled Ponzi scams which most of Donald’s major investments have been over the years spread out, a P.T. Barnum PR show of success based ultimately on failures.  After he is elected, he pardons himself and we are all screwed. 

Ponzi collapsed under the weight of tens of thousands of suckers wising up at some point. Madoff dealt with and operated on a mission statement of stiffing a relative handful of extremely rich people with egos who could not think that they were not brilliant investors. Madoff collapsed because of external market pressures and cash flow.

Donald has dozens of projects all going at once all funding one another out of each other’s pockets until markets change or chumps buy in at the top end of His Market etc.  Controlled Ponzi economics like an implosion of virtual buildings all going off on schedules and all the cash debris being hauled off to various bankruptcy courts, public and private. “I’ll settle – pay you 10% on the dollar”. “I paid you too much.” Meaning the cash flow is dry this month. He is a junk dealer dealing in the waste and economic failure of others – his investors or donors or charity victims.  

And duplicity of the media is framing this all as normal politics and or normal economics. Pure Propaganda in a controlled state. 



Saturday, September 17, 2016

Rev. George Chalmers Richmond 1870-1938 -- Deposed Voice of Social Conscience at the end of the Gilded Age of Greed


[​IMG] Public Ledger 8 June 1915

This discovery of a remarkable Christian preacher, an Episcopalian most of the time, came when I posted an image of poor children playing in a cleared away precious space of ancient gravestones in a churchyard in lower Kensington, home to the poor then, for use as a playground. 

The local newspaper and many local newspapers were out to shame the city in spending more in taxes on public space, and along with other social engineers who were pushing for decent playing spots for children outside of Dickensian school buildings designed without schoolyards and the need in general for neighborhoods to have more breathing room (clean air) to relieve the general squalor of their lives.  

There are pictures of the city putting playgrounds under railroad viaducts around this time among other places to illustrate the needs and lack of living space in the teeming slums of Philly at the beginning of the twentieth century. The long term solution, a temporary fix was to dig up the bones of many ancient county graveyards in the 1950s and 1960s for living space in the inner city for playgrounds, supermarkets and parking lots at Universities, Temple in particular.

Back on the topic of the image of children playing in an unidentified playground - I posted on a Philly history forum and a native to the area as a youth questioned its exact location, which took a little bit of discussion and research among some forum members to determine that the labeling of the address not totally accurate and that the actual space was behind the St. John’s P.E. Church of the Northern Liberties there. 

Northern Liberties is the old legal geographic title, like “Badlands” (no law or order) north of the official Philadelphia city limits within the then unincorporated in contrast to a present day united city of Philadelphia County. It was there that the famous Know Nothing riots and or anti-Catholic, anti-immigrant riots in the 1840s took place.

An aside on history, those riots took place because the various public entities north of the city had no police force. That the local county deputy of the Northern Liberties called on Philadelphia City to send in cops to help with the social unrest, but the Northern Liberties had not paid its bill from the City for the last round of police aid, the City refused without pay and go, and thus a famous page of American and Philadelphia history gets labeled as anti-Catholic because a few Catholic churches got burned down in the riots along with a lot of other secular domestic real estate etc.

Image of the graveyard below.

 Graveyard - 3rd and Brown - Public Ledger 2 June 1917

Well one of the posters ran in what at first looked like a crackpot eccentric rector of this era who on his diaspora away from so-called east coast civilization managed to stir up a hornets nest in Politics in Wyoming with his bizarre attitudes of social justice in the gospels attributed to the ancient preacher Jesus. And this forum member posted an article from the NYT archives. 

Apparently, Rev. Richmond had quite a following having once  been posted as a cleric in NYC among other places in his long and varied career. He seemed to be one of those truth tellers or prophets that Christianity no longer has any need of in the present modern day Wharton Global Spreadsheet corporate set up of global religion for profit Inc.

Upon further research, a good man, a real man, a mensch in the pulpit was got rid of by Bishop Rhinelander of the Pennsylvania Diocese as payback by Richmond’s many local and national rich enemies in exchange for Rhinelander's recent crony appointment to that office. (Thirty silver dimes?)


“Rev. George Chalmers Richmond Had Been Rector of Old St. John's Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, for six years, when in December, 1914, he was presented for trial ordered by Bishop Philip M. Rhinelander on fourteen charges .Ten of These related to matters connected with Mr. Richmond's conduct of the pastorate of St. John's, and four had to do with private and public criticism of Bishop Rhinelander in regard to His lack of interest in the Gospel Adapting to modern social and industrial problems .The great fact to be Noted is this, the man who originated the charges and engineered the presentment - Francis A. Lewis - was the Bishop's private counsel.Not a single member of Mr. Richmond's parish signed the presentment, and not a single member of any adjoining parish had anything to do with Bringing on the trial.In November, 1915, a verdict was rendered, the triers finding Mr. Richmond "guilty" on charges Those Relating to His criticism of the Bishop, but acquitting him on all the others.Also it might be Stated That the laymen who signed the presentment were personal friends of Francis A. Lewis, and testified on the stand That they signed at his request, without reading the original charges.Mr. Richmond was suspended from priestly functions for one year.Hardly had a verdict in the first trial Been given When Bishop Rhinelander (Francis A. Lewis being His private counsel) allowed Mr. Richmond to be presented for a second time trial on 140 charges, Which later were reduced to 126, Involving 46 issues of fact.Some of These charges were exceedingly foolish…”

Here some newspaper research etc. on this deposed cleric of Philly of ancient times at the tail end of the then age of greed in the fading before WWI, Gilded Age.


Rev. George Chalmers Richmond Attacks Mayor Reyburn - Syracuse NY Post Standard 14 March 1910


Rev. George Chalmers Richmond Attacks Decadence of Gould - Drexel Wedding NYC - Niagra Falls Gazette April 1910

Niagra Falls Gazette 25 April 1910


Famous Sayings - Rev. George Chalmers Richmond - Brooklyn Daily Eagle 12 Aug 1911


Rev. George Chalmers Richmond Attacks Racial Killing in Coatesville Pa. - Phila. Inquirer 21 August 1911



Rev. George Chalmers Richmond's View of Remarriage after Divorce - John Jacob Astor IV - Mechanicville NY Saturday Evening Mercury 16 Sept 1911






Rev. George Chalmers Richmond 1870 -1938 -- Yale Alumni Obituary Record 1937-1938


Friday, September 9, 2016

On American Patriotism in Times of War and Times of Peace

On American Patriotism in Times of War and Times of Peace

“Wars and rumors of war” is a phrase from the Greek Testament. It is related to passages that speak of people wanted to predict the future. On in the case of the Christian cult in post-Temple Jerusalem, the need to predict the end of the world is something that fakes and or mimics a sense of control.

Perhaps if you know the end date, you can make arrangements with your personal or financial affairs. Such is the case of men, mostly young who go off to fight in war.

The sense that you can deal with making arrangements, making a last will and testament, or give away treasured personal items to endeared ones, or say deep goodbyes to family and friends are part of that sense of what many people want in terms of dealing with their very real mortality.

Dying suddenly and unpredictably is a pain in the butt so to speak.
Trouble is that in the original passage about knowing about the end of time, is that you do not have much advantage to a sense of control if everybody is going to bite the dust at the same time.

People in general if they know they only had a few hours or few days left would go of their everyday manners and normal behaviors and just go crazy. Try and say goodbye to grandma if she is off to Las Vegas for one last party thing before the big bang at the end of life – all life.

Trouble is that in the sometimes confused logic of the religionist testaments, with one breath it describes man wanting to predict the end, and in the next breath reaffirms that even their divine messiah knows not the time or hour of human demise.

Yet all the telly-vangelist preachers do their cafeteria smorgasbord pick and choose religious calorie gems from the food-spiritual food case in order to market their product, to make their spiel, sell their particular brand of snake oil. Bottom line in business is little different in the religionist god-business.

There has also been something like forty odd years of the Christian religionists preaching the end of the world in the year 2000 C.E.. Sixteen years later, the religionists are still waiting for their Jesus to return. When I say their Jesus, I have my own definition of Jesus and his teachings that I subscribe to as a Cultural Christian.

But without doing any deep discussion about the standard religious stuff, I wish to talk about what I see as the secular level of beliefs, hardly a religion or dogma, but religious like glue none the less to bind the community in a democracy.

In olden days there was a local town square in small town America and a local town square as contained in a larger urban or city environment. One that town square would likely be a church. That church would have been the original church built in all likelihood a farming community. The church was probably would have been along a road, the main road, and over time, that church would likely be positioned at the intersection of two or more roads, the center point of interest in the community.

The one thing that has united the United States since the War of 1812 is the American Flag.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Penn State to Honor Joe Paterno at Special Bugger a Boy Day at September 17 Football Day.

Penn State to Honor Joe Paterno at Special Bugger a Boy Day at September 17 Football Day.

I grew up in the Pennsylvania mind cult that judged you as weird if you did not worship Joe Paterno at Penn State. While Joe as a child Rapist Enabler can be sainted in the Roman Catholic church like another child rapist enabler Saint Pope John Paul II, I somehow draw the Church/State deciding line in the sand and hope the evil Karma of Sandusky and Paterno visits, attaches itself to every cheer at this satanic inspired secular sports ritual event subsidized indirectly by the taxpayers’ dime in Pennsylvania.

Penn State will honor former head football coach Joe Paterno before a home game against Temple on Sept. 17, the school’s athletic department announced Thursday.

The celebration is meant to mark the 50th anniversary of the first game Paterno coached at Penn State. The press release containing the announcement, which was first spotted by a Penn State news website and then reported by Sports Illustrated, did not provide details on what the ceremony will include.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

WLF(GOP) WhiteLunaticFringeOfTheGOP Destroying American Middle-Class CULTURE and VALUES

Destroying American Middle-Class
Reducing everyone to Poverty is
The only way men w/small penises
Can feel their tiny tiny worth (zero)


Sunday, July 31, 2016

Trump Family’s Secret German Sun Worship Evidenced on Fred Trump Sr.’s Gravestone in Queens

No Cross or Angels on the Trump Family Monument in Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery in Queens New York.  Emphasis of course on the “all faiths” part for the Trump Family and their German roots and Fred Christ Trump Sr.’s love of the Nazis and Klu Klux Klan, I find it strange that a blank round disk at the top of that granite stone is pretty much what it seems to be – the Sun.

Curious that immigrants like the Drumpfs (Trumps) who got here half a century after my ancestors got here and who fought in the Civil War to free the slaves, that these probably originally Lutheran immigrants, should revert to pagan worship of the Sun. But hey, that is their first right amendment last I heard. This is America.

The worship of the sun by the Trumps no doubt is related to the religious pagan revivalism of the National Socialist Party in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s. That Chancellor Hitler’s Uniform cap had the Sun symbol embroidered on that cap below the German eagle and swastika.

Along with revived Pagan rituals on the Summer Solstice worshipping the Sun, the Nazis revived pagan Sun Worship as an alternative to western civilization’s Christian symbols and ethics etc.

The Nazis allowed the formation of a new religious group, the so-called Deutsche Glaubensbewegung or ‘German Faith Movement’. This was actually a coalition of paganist groups which were united largely by their reverence for the German Volk, and their hatred of the Jews. Members of this group wanted to replace elements of Christianity which they perceived as deriving from Judaism with pre-Christian Germanic beliefs. Worship of the sun was central to their doctrine and practice. They celebrated festivals based on the astronomical calendar, wearing cloaks and coarsely woven dresses, and carrying torches. The most well-known of these paganists was Erich Ludendorff, former commander of the German armies in the First World War, who, since taking part in the failed Nazi Putsch of 1923 had busied himself with producing literature attacking Jews, Freemasons, and Jesuits.


Monday, July 25, 2016

Tomeaphilia - Worship of Big Books (Idols) and Not Necessarily Their Contents = By Fundamentalist Christian and Islamic Religionists

Tomeaphilia - tome-a-phil-i-a - noun

Worship of Big Books (idols) and Not Necessarily Their Contents = by Fundamentalist Christian and Islamic Religionists 


Friday, July 22, 2016

Donald Trump - H*tler Lite - False equivalency - Ezra Klein

Ezra Klein is a good word smith but his words cannot stop the Blitzkrieg that this BS is. I go with the Paul Krugman idea of False Equivalency watching a few minutes of Morning Joe this morning pretending that this had been a normal Republican Convention and Joe would kill for ratings to have Trump talking to him and his dumb blonde sidekick Mika again. This thing with the mob is ultimate backlash from the crash in 2008. Millions lost their jobs, their life savings and millions were foreclosed on and lost their homes and how many dozen stories did we see about it on Main Stream Media. If Hitler Lite comes to power, it will because the system is greatly rigged and it can be manipulated to admit thugs like Trump and company to power.



Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Donald Trump – Adult Functional Illiterate?

Donald Trump – Adult Functional Illiterate?

Having had the sad misfortune of having had to work with adult functional illiterates in my work life, I have noticed that they will always try to dominate any conversation. It is all about them and their opinion of anything. It is all noise and no content. And never try to shove a memo in their face to read and if they are your boss, you get a loud and almost violent response to trying to show the facts that they cannot read above first or second grade levels at best. Some may be undiagnosed dyslexics btw. 

They watch TV or listen heavily to radio (talk radio) to get their news of the world from and not hardcopy newspapers. I notice of late that every major Internet news source wants to shove a video clip in your face to watch instead of let you read at your own pace the news articles. We know from Donald Trump’s interview that his foreign policy knowledge is watching “the shows” or Cable TV news programs which are greatly wanting in real news or real policy content. 

Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer the other night on the Bill Maher show related the story of his father, a New York real estate mogul having a meeting with Donald Trump twenty odd years ago and the old man’s main impression walking away from that meeting was that Trump had not read a book in twenty years, meaning since leaving college, which of course is par for course with a lot of diploma factory college graduates in this country. 

College in America or the new Global Culture does not instill a love of knowledge but rather a competition to get the highest overall point average like some sports game. Winning is the only thing. 

But back to the Donald, today a flamboyant, extroverted or seemingly a narcissist, that his fellow students at the University of Pennsylvania, an ivy league school, do not remember Wallflower Donald who blended into the background of college and of course they do not, cannot swear, who sat next to them in class or with whom they took their final exams with. Whatever. 

I, however, must express my opinion, as I have done to HR departments in the past and state that I am not a professional expert but based on the circumstances at hand, IMO Donald Trump is an adult  functional illiterate.

That he will as POTUS have to depend on others in the White House to read Top Secret Foreign Policy Papers and trust, probably from his children, the meaning of what all the words in those papers mean to him and his agenda and or what those words in those papers mean for the greater good of the American Republic. 


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Charlie Chaput’s Hellfire Club Convention – The Napa Institute - 2016

Cardinal or is it Archbishop Chaput of Philly is on or off his medications with this or that PR statement, by this or that mass closing of Philly inner-city schools and churches, or getting together with the boys in the absolute privacy of a wine cooler bunker in California, is finally breaking up, sobering up after one hell of a party past its closing date Jul 6-10. Worth every penny, tax-free btw.

Some honored (rumored) guests at Chaput’s Hellfire Club Party this year above.

When my memory was better, I think I was a bit too obsessed with the buggers that run the Catholic Church in Rome and America. I see from reading an old blog that was above my pay grade not in intelligence but in evolved personal belief that hit me with a hard realization that I did not belong there, while being hit also with the fact that the old boys of the RC church that would rather protect a bugger priest / nun than send him or her off to jail for abusing children, that the old “Religious Freedom”, “Religious Liberty” good ‘ole boys  of the American RC hierarchy are meeting, have been meeting, for a drinking fest in honor of one of the Founding Fathers – of Benjamin Franklin, networking, drunking it up, whoring it up in imitation of the “HellFire Club” from his days as unofficial American ambassador to the Court of Saint James in England in the eighteenth century.

That Cardinal Chaput of Philadelphia was a founding father of this RC Hellfire Club in Napa Valley – wine country in California – “The Napa Institute” was founded for the extreme uber-nazi-like wing of American RC Hierarchs to sit around and bitch about how Clergy don’t get any respect anymore – just like Rodney Dangerfield. At least with old Rodney there was punch line and a giggle. But these guys get together to swill Speaker Paul Ryan’s (a good “catolick” btw) private stock of $350 a bottle Lobbyist vino. 

That and celebrating Latin Masses in “Catacombs” (tunnels / wine cellars) and dealing in innocent prepubescent games of “grab ass” with or sans the tighty whiteys just like the good old days of Friday nights after five in the seminary. Wink. Nod. Gotcha!

Am reminded of the twitter hash tag for these guys favored choice for President of Donald Trump – the Napa Institute besides a private drinking club is a gathering place of writing checks to Citizens United Pacs by the Bishops in the hopes of regaining respect in America – long lost now after a decade or two of proof after proof of the incarnate evil of the #WhiningLittleBitch(es) in purple and red dresses to borrow a hash tag favored by the comedian Bill Maher for Donald #WhinyLittleBitch to gather funds for the GOP and other evangelical Hatriot groups Etc.


Friday, June 17, 2016

Day of Rage in Tucson Arizona - 2011 - Revisited

(February 7, 2011)

I lived and worked in Tucson Arizona for close to eight years back in the 1990s. I worked for a short time, 100 yards down the road from the recent mass murders there that involved the shooting of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords of the U.S. Congress.

As stated I worked down the road from the Safeway and its parking lot, the scene of this recent American-style tragedy. I even ate lunch a few times in a food court setting in the front of the supermarket way back when. 

I researched this matter of the shootings that took the life of a nine year old girl among others. The date is January 8, 2011. Seems like two months ago instead of one month to me. Time seems to be compressed sometimes concerning memory. 

I had written an account of the attack on Rep. Giffords Tucson office at the end of the debate and vote on Health Care Reform last year. The attack in the middle of the night and broken glass brought to mind the terrible tragedy of Kristallnacht in Nazi controlled Germany in November 1938 against Jews in the population. I made reference to that event because Ms. Giffords is Jewish.

Kristallnacht – Tucson - USA 

The apparently troubled young man who did the shootings and these murders seems to have bought into a uniquely American style of settling arguments or supplementing mental disorders with guns. 

Because I had been in this place in Tucson and knew its layout I did not write anything or comment until now. I felt the tragedy in a personal sense having a shared experience of the geography with the victims. I should also note that it took me five years to finally write down my experiences of the 911 tragedy here in NYC. 

No Guarantee of Tomorrow

I also wanted to turn a corner in this blog whereby I did not want to poll parrot the party line coming out of the media. The media turns on cable and cable turns on the middle class who can afford it. The media rightly or wrongly from left or from right seems to feed on the energy of rage both in content and filler. I need to and we all need to as well step back from the edge of that rage that permeates our complex modern society. 

Rage is not only a middle class thing but perhaps a middle aged thing. It comes from the disappointment from expectations not fulfilled. It comes from recognizing the disappointment from the perspective of age and or wisdom from life experience. 

I do not want to merely echo the media and its sounds of fury. 

Now a month later I can look and see how death by random acts of violence is fed by rage and guns. 

I do not object to hunters having rifles in their homes with or without permits. I do object to weapons of war with high capacity discharge being sold in America. They are not necessary in a civilized society. 

I think that licensing handguns within the confines of city limits is the right of the well being of the population of that densely populated city to assure protection from violence and violent mental illness spilling into the streets and onto the parking lots of America. 

I am not advocating repeal of the second amendment’s right to bear arms. I am trying to find common grounds with all parties to seek a solution to too much gun power in America and to too many guns. 

The days of the wilderness are long gone. The days of conflict with the native Indian population are long gone. In the twenty first century, a fetish for guns and gun power is a bit outdated and obsessive. It speaks of the breakdown of community and loss of civility in our society. 

The gun lobby and the media lobby both seem to be catering to keeping the rage up to sell their products. Whatever. 

I am glad that Representative Giffords survived and may well have a normal life returned to her after much therapy. 

Prayers for the victims and their families in Tucson. Prayers for the perpetrators, both the lobbyists of hate and rage, as well as for the disturbed young man who committed this crime.