Friday, September 23, 2016

The Two Biggest Con Artists in American History - Charles Ponzi and Donald Trump


The way Donald Trump fondles cash in his foundations/charities is little different than the way Charles Ponzi would have handled cash in his criminal enterprise of a century ago.

The only difference between Donald and Charles is an army of lawyers to threaten silence in his (DT’s) victims and those same lawyers to diffuse or disassemble all the controlled Ponzi scams which most of Donald’s major investments have been over the years spread out, a P.T. Barnum PR show of success based ultimately on failures.  After he is elected, he pardons himself and we are all screwed. 

Ponzi collapsed under the weight of tens of thousands of suckers wising up at some point. Madoff dealt with and operated on a mission statement of stiffing a relative handful of extremely rich people with egos who could not think that they were not brilliant investors. Madoff collapsed because of external market pressures and cash flow.

Donald has dozens of projects all going at once all funding one another out of each other’s pockets until markets change or chumps buy in at the top end of His Market etc.  Controlled Ponzi economics like an implosion of virtual buildings all going off on schedules and all the cash debris being hauled off to various bankruptcy courts, public and private. “I’ll settle – pay you 10% on the dollar”. “I paid you too much.” Meaning the cash flow is dry this month. He is a junk dealer dealing in the waste and economic failure of others – his investors or donors or charity victims.  

And duplicity of the media is framing this all as normal politics and or normal economics. Pure Propaganda in a controlled state. 



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