Sunday, April 6, 2014

Grandfather and Grandson – Philip Gengembre Hubert and Henry Louis Frohman

The above photo has been mislabeled in some articles. Per the owner of photo above , I make these corrections for the sake of historic accuracy.

Philip G. Hubert with his Grandson Philip Hubert Frohman *(correction below) standing on the roof of the New York Riding Academy with the background of his masterpiece – the Navarro “Spanish” Flats.

Philip Hubert Frohman went on to be chief architect and visionary in the completion of the National Cathedral in Washington DC – a lifetime work of some 50 or more years.

Hubert Co-opApartments 230 West 59th Street NYC

Philip G. Hubert with his Grandson Philip Hubert Frohman standing on the roof of the New York Riding Academy with the background of his masterpiece – the Navarro “Spanish” Flats.

April 23, 2016 Correction:

The correct identity of the boy in this photo above has been identified to me as another grandson of Philip Gengembre Hubert  who was Louis Henry Frohman, younger brother of Philip Hubert Frohman. The location of the standing place of Hubert and his grandson Louis is the roof of The Sevillia Hotel 117 W. 58th Street, a building of Hubert's design, also identified as both birthplace and childhood home of Louis Henry Frohman, son of Marie Hubert Frohman and Gustave Frohman.




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