Friday, March 28, 2014

Hobby Lobby Minimun Wage Part Time Employees Eligible for Food Stamps? Red GOP States Claiming Religious Liberty Exceptions on Refusing Federal Medicaid Aid?

I do not know what Medicaid requirements are for red states currently refusing Federal Medicaid subsidies, but if you look at one third of Hobby Lobby employees at 25 hours per week at a fantastic $9.50 minimum wage - $12,350 per annum – that puts them in range of Food Stamps qualification if they in fact are supporting children? That hey, you have one part time job, go out in a busted economy and land another. Yeah right.

And a family of four on a full time Hobby Lobby full time salary at a fantastic $14.00 (Link Bottom of Page) minimum wage  - $29,120 per annum still qualifies for Food Stamps?

Hobby Lobby like WalMart depends on federal food subsidies to support their work staff? Why not tax the corporations in accordance for Free Food to their workers???

That the red state refusal of Medicaid upgrades is in fact the states using Religious Liberty Exceptions to refuse medical treatment for women’s medicine related and women sexual organ - vagina care - related Healthcare?

War on Women

Aided by War on Part Time Employees rights and dignity???

SNAP Income Requirements


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