Monday, February 17, 2014

Spreadsheet-ization of The Bible in the Global Culture to Support the Corporate Political Base

Spreadsheet Plus Bible Equals Numbers and or Creationism

Spreadsheeting the Bible Leads to Creationism and other political superstitious delusions.

People generally roll their eyes when I try to extrapolate how I see the whole new Global Culture thing as of and by the Corporate Spreadsheet. 

They ignore me when I say that the Corporate Global Spreadsheet has reduced everything and everybody on this planet to commodity status and commodity value. 

That in many instances humanity has little or no cash value in the quest for obscene corporate profits and greed. 

That I assign a label as the Wharton Global Spreadsheet to the contamination and or destruction of our local culture(s) at the expense of this new corporate global money hegemony thing.

That as such, many people think they can ignore the present economics of humanity and still separately and equally apply old fashioned cultural or religious standards to things. 

As such, I see on the right the usurpation of religion by politics to win elections and to take human rights and living wages away from humanity. 

That the growth of ignorance in religion in my lifetime has I think grown exponentially and with no doubt help from the global corporate hegemony, directly or indirectly.  

That I truly believe that the current growth of fundamentalism and creationism and turning the black on white words of the bible into a commodity to be used for political and economic reasons rather than spiritual growth is due to the Spreadsheet-ization of the Bible into statistics and delusional facts to support the political base. 



  1. Church is ridiculous. The clergy are closet cases when they're not second-career weirdos who think they'll be "relevant" in a position that's shrinking away faster than the polar ice caps.
    It's also boring. Very, very boring.

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