Monday, August 27, 2012

GOP Owns “You People” Term – Who are You People?

I thought I heard Rince Prebus, GOP Chairman say that hideous, look down your nose term “You People” as he made a brief appearance two minutes to officially open a delayed GOP Convention in Tampa.

You can’t be a good Republican these days without drawing the line in the sand and separating yourself from the majority, the rest of humanity, without a comforting metaphoric barbed razor wire separation from those others - "you people".

"You people", the same as the royal We?

You people, Ann Romney, queen bee of the Romney Hive has used it to berate journalists who would dare, deign to ask for the Romney Tax Mess to examine.

You people, the favorite phrase of ministers from the pulpit.  Catholic ones, especially Important Ones like Laughing Cow Timmy Dolan.

You people, minorities, women, mixed breeds, non-white homo sapiens?

They say this wave of GOP people, the “real” people, like Rince Prebus, Paul Ryan, Scot Walker, the Koch Brothers all came out of the forests like in Wisconsin.

While the South has had the historic hold on the inbred, incest thing since before the Civil War, I guess incest, inbreeding to keep the race pure, and the like has worked its way all up the Mississippi – trickle down genetics – and they know they are different and weird and they are hiding behind the “You People” put down to keep the strangers away from closely looking at those Wisconsin and Detroit Birth Certificates etc.

(like how many stepmoms, next of kin, listed in the Detroit hospital records?)

Who would a thought that the Tea Bagger Tea Party was so inbred behind that pure white mask of superiority? The Tea Party Republicans that would throw the country over a cliff rather than have new blood and intelligence welcomed into the modern American Town Square?


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