Saturday, June 30, 2012

Monsignor Lynn Begs for Mercy – Let the Bastard Rot in Prison! - Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Monsignor William Lynn is begging for mercy from the courts, to be released to house arrest until his official sentencing.  The Judge involved in the decision is not unsympathetic but she realizes what cowards and pussies the RCC clergy are who foster protection to pedophilia and its enablers in the ranks – bishops.  

They have a tendency to run off and hide in the Vatican and the Vatican officials will smack their cheeks and say something clever in Italian to the effect and waving their arms – “They are not here. We don’t know what you are talking about”.

I dare say even to this day, Cardinal Law of Boston, if put into a position of unprotected contact with the public on Boston Commons would be probably be torn to shreds by a just and angry mob of Boston citizens in real time judgment of real time people of a bag of human shit protected by a Vatican Passport under protection of a German Pontiff who has buggered, directly or indirectly through official cover up, more than a few altar boys in his time.
I dare say Bill Lynn pulled a Nuremburg Defense in that he was “only following orders”.

Show Monsignor Lynn as much mercy as all the pedophile priests, bishops and cardinals in Philadelphia have shown all their sexual victims – which is NONE!

I’ll pray for your soul Bill but I think it a total waste of my time.

Have a nice day.  And have a nice life in prison. 


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