Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Age Dawning

I am perhaps a voice from the past. What I saw or perceived as the American Culture to be is changed and changing. There are no simple answers as to what went wrong or what is still good and worth saving.

Of late the meltdown of the world’s economies and based on college educated economists and thought to be sound economic theory is out the window and in the outdoor toilet – outhouse.

The bubble world of bureaucratic and academic ideals has collapsed along with the world religions. Religion these days would seem more comfortable where there is hate more so than love or logic that can glue the human species together.

Indeed on one hand, usury which used to be a sin is ignored by fundamentalist Christians in favor of any dog in politics who will jump to the faith’s smoke and mirror tricks. Dinosaurs are no older than five thousand years old. Yeah right. Science is a sin except when you are a fat bloated preacher in the hospital emergency room and demanding the best in heart transplant technology – imagined design - to keep one’s inflated power on the throne to keep the masses ignorant.

The American individual has succumbed to an unquestioned and passing Age of Chronic Luxury at the expense of the world’s lesser or poor nations.

The beginning of a new age happens when the old and dying age finally takes its last breathes. That is about to happen and it may be a long time before we see the light of new and better day for mankind.

In any case, I will try to comment in a fair and balanced way to current events. I will also endeavor to mention my personal insights or history as a very minor footnote of this age rapidly passing away and witness to the hopefully better new age dawning.

Not much of a mission statement but definitely a secular and honest point of view will be aired here.

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