Saturday, June 27, 2015

As with all things Bill Donohue at Catholic League – all is reduced to dollars and cents

Adam and Steve in Paradise

Dear Bill (Catholic League),

Marriage is a contract, primarily a property document with rights of surviving spouse and recognized offspring, between two original contracting parties.

Justice Roberts is right. Marriage – hetero or gay – is not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution.

The U.S. Supreme Court, a pimple on the Constitution, is supposed to iron out differences between the laws and actions of the 50 different states.

When 2/3 of the states define marriage between any two contracting parties and 1/3 of the states make laws that discriminate against a sizable percentage portion of the population, the Supremes are forced to dirty their hands and work and strike down injustice against some – “Equal Justice for All” is carved in stone above the front door there. (Though surprisingly never above the front door of any church I know of.)

But since it is the American Catholic Church through you as official mouthpiece, that wants a debate on tax free privilege for religions that discriminate against American citizens in employment, it is a good start Bill. 

Thanks for the reminder about the sizable portion of bums in religion INC, shills such as yourself, who do not contribute to the common good through taxes. (Even Saint Paul urged obedience and taxes to local civil authority. btw)

In order to stop the IRS from revoking the tax-exempt status of religious institutions that refuse to marry two men or two women, Congress needs to pass the First Amendment Defense Act that was introduced last week. Nothing less is acceptable.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Franklin Institute in Philadelphia to Close Soon? – In Desperate Need of Tourist Bucks to Survive – Cultural Rape Cash Fire Sale

Franklin wept!
(Massive Enormity Blog)

Franklin Institute is Morally Bankrupt – Premier American Secular Science Institution Co-opted into Superstition Display of Roman Catholic Church Objects and Black Magic emanating from across the way at 222 North 17th Street, Satan’s Local HQ in Philly. (Too late in Philly to hide your children.)

Using the excuse of big papal crowd in September with a papal visit to reinforce Duggar Family Values and the need to welcome the dripping ice cream tourist / faithful mob from across the Square from the ugliest Cathedral in America, The Franklin Institute, once America’s first and foremost institution for science learning among young adults has opted into the dark side of the force and will display many evil and superstitious objects and relics of the Roman Catholic Church to get cash from that crowd.

I am sorry to hear of the Institute’s financial woes. Better to die a good simple Quaker death as an institution in Philadelphia instead of becoming a minor whore in the great Whore of Babylon’s Royal progress in September 2015.

No doubt the demons and black magic and or “inquisition” era prayers of the “good” cardinal Charles Chaput across the street has led to this cultural rape and soon total demise of a once great civil secular American institution.

Visitors coming to Philadelphia to see the pope this September will also be able to view treasured art from the Vatican.

“Vatican Splendors” opens Sept. 19 at the Franklin Institute. It will include artwork by Michelangelo, embroidered silk vestments, religious relics, and bone fragments of Saints Peter and Paul, and a touchable cast of Pope John Paul II’s hand.
The exhibit traces the evolution of the Roman Catholic Church over 2,000 years through 11 galleries that include objects such as mosaics, frescoes, maps, and documents. Galleries aim to recreate environments such as catacombs and the papal chambers. Organizers say they want the exhibits to be a multisensory experience.